Ellen's Lincoln car ad parody

Ellen’s parody of the McConaughey’s Lincoln car ad is hilarious [VIDEO]

Watch Ellen riding along with Mathew McConaughey, eating brownies and making suggestions about Cyrus the bull.

MInions playing soccer

Minions Explain Soccer [VIDEO]

The World Cup in 10 Seconds…according to Minions.

Game on the stairs

Kids have fun in their game on the stairs [VIDEO]

Don’t try this at home!

Cat interrupts act

Cat interrupts “Let it go” performance [VIDEO]

Cat interrupts “Let it go” performance by turning off the lights.

Crazy goat licks dog

Crazy goat licks dog [VIDEO]

And the dog doesn’t care at all.

Dancing grandma

Dancing grandma [VIDEO]

Funny grandma dances in the kitchen to Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice, Ice, Baby’ while cooking in the kitchen.

Hamster play dead

Hamsters Fake Death Compilation [VIDEO]

Funny hamsters playing dead after finger shot compilation.

Drunk goalie

Drunk Hockey Goalie in Czech Amateur Beer League [VIDEO]

Drunk guy tries to play goalie for his hockey team. You should watch both videos, they are hilarious.