Apple engineer explains new Apple Macbook

An Apple Engineer explains how the new Apple MacBook was created [VIDEO]

Baby dancing to musical birthday card

Baby dances to musical birthday card [VIDEO]

Watch this adorable baby girl dancing to her first birthday’s card.

Ellen's backstage scares

Ellen scares her staff and some of her audience members [VIDEO]

Ellen rented the scary thing called The screamer chair to spook her staff and some of her audience members.

Ellen's Lincoln car ad parody

Ellen’s parody of the McConaughey’s Lincoln car ad is hilarious [VIDEO]

Watch Ellen riding along with Mathew McConaughey, eating brownies and making suggestions about Cyrus the bull.

MInions playing soccer

Minions Explain Soccer [VIDEO]

The World Cup in 10 Seconds…according to Minions.

Game on the stairs

Kids have fun in their game on the stairs [VIDEO]

Don’t try this at home!

Cat interrupts act

Cat interrupts “Let it go” performance [VIDEO]

Cat interrupts “Let it go” performance by turning off the lights.

Crazy goat licks dog

Crazy goat licks dog [VIDEO]

And the dog doesn’t care at all.