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Ways To Eat Healthy On The Go

Most people who end up eating on the go turn to fast food because it is easy. Fast food is not a sustainable option and it also isn’t healthy. For those that don’t have a choice but to eat on the go, we will explore some of the best ways to eat healthy while you are busy. 

The number one thing to do in order to stay healthy while on the go is to plan ahead of time. This article already shows that you are at least at the initial phase of planning, education. When it comes to eating on the go, you shouldn’t plan weeks in advance. Take it one week at a time to keep your planning fresh.

Don’t Buy Junk Food In The First Place

If you have junk food in the house, you are going to eat it. When it comes to eating healthy skip the junk food at the store altogether. Leave junk food as a special treat and buy it in extremely small quantities when you do buy it. Junk food also does not come with the best portions out there.

Find Easy To Prepare Snacks

Some foods are easier to prepare than others. You can quickly bag up some nuts or slice some apples for great snacks on the go. Both are great boosters to your energy level. The more healthy snacks you have ready, the less likely you will be to crave other foods. Prepackaged snacks such as Greek yogurt and cheese sticks are options too. Just make sure to read the labels.

Pick Foods That Will Last Several Days

Those who are on the go won’t have time to go to the store every few days. Make sure that you pick up foods that will last for at least a few days. Prepare and eat foods that go bad first. Nuts, popcorn, apple sauce, cheese, dark chocolate, and eggs last for days. Frozen foods also last for a while depending on the food.

Prepare For Your Workday

Your workday is where you are probably the busiest. In order to prevent eating out or snacking from the vending machine, prepare lunch and snacks for your workday. Most of us can’t eat our food all at one time. Instead, try to eat the majority at lunch time and have a few snacks throughout the day.

Use A Slow Cooker

One of the great things about a slow cooker is that you can put your food in and let it cook. You don’t need to do any work while it is cooking. Not only does a slow cooker work with very little attention but it can create large batches for a whole week. If the cooker is done before you are ready to package your food, you can leave it on warm to keep it hot.

Write Down Your Plan

Eating plans are far more effective when you take the time to write them down. Get a dry erase weekly calendar or print out a calendar every week. This will help you to stay on track. Staying on track is one of the hardest parts when it comes to preparing your food in advance. A part that almost everyone has at least some trouble with.

Eating healthy on the go doesn’t have to be hard. By the time you start to enact these various steps you will be starting a habit. Habits will allow you to continue the healthy eating without hard work. At times you may want to cheat but you will have to find special health treats in order to stay on the right path.

Top Cities With The Best Quality Of Life

Where you pick to live can have a big impact on all aspects of your life. Picking the right city to live in can make a big difference. One of the best ways to pick a city to maximize your life is to choose a city with a high quality of life. Here are some of the top cities around the world for quality of life.

Vienna, Austria

For years Vienna has been ranked amongst the top cities in the world to live in. Vienna is the capital of Austria and is well-known for being an artistic hub for the area. While many people think of other cities when it comes to innovation, Vienna is full of cultural innovation and some of the nicest people in the world. Crime and worry of crime is low around the city and in some areas, such as violent crime, is quite low.

Zurich, Switzerland

If you want to live in a town full of history yet with a busy social sphere, Zurich is a great place to live. Museums and art are a plenty in the city. You will also find football a popular pass time in the city as it is home to FIFA headquarters. Architecture in the city of Zurich is amazing, traditional buildings are intermixed with marvelous modern designs to create a wonderful mix.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

For those that are looking to live in the United States, Lancaster is a great city to call home. Residents enjoy having amazing access to hospitals and healthcare, being the top city in the country for health services. Housing prices are also low while crime is low too. The average commute time is just over 20 minutes.

Vancouver, Canada

Canada is considered by many to be one of the nicest nations on the planet. Vancouver has made many top quality of life lists over the years. You can find just about everything that you might want to enjoy from snowboarding to exploring the local rainforest.  There is also a very busy city life and you have access to a number of other nearby cities.

Copenhagen, Denmark

People love the city of Copenhagen. It is home to churches, gardens, and even palaces. Locals enjoy quality restaurants year-round and a safe city. A number of big-name businesses call Copenhagen home due to the wonderful nature of the city, Pandora, Maersk, and Netcompany. 

Auckland, New Zealand

Located on the North Island of New Zealand is the city of Auckland with a population of 1.6 million residents. The city has a lot of teams call Auckland home so sports can be fun but the city also has a little something for everyone. Including great local food and wine. Volcanoes make for great sights nearby as do the water views.

Frankfurt, Germany

Out of all of Germany, Frankfurt is a great city. It is a key part of Germany’s financial stability and home to a number of financial institutions. While those in the financial sector view the city as just a financial hub, there is rich history around the city. Food, art, culture, and other entertainment options are abound. Most crime in the city is at a low, most importantly violent crime.

Picking a place to live can be very difficult. Especially when there are so many great options out there. These cities are just a few of the great options available to you. We recommend traveling to each option that you are considering before making a decision. This will help you to know you are picking the right option before you make the move.

Cities Where Ubering Is Cheaper Than Owning A Car

Owning a car has a lot of costs. If you want to live without a car you want to have plenty of options available. Many people are surprised to learn that there are a number of cities where Ubering is cheaper than owning a car. A 2018 report from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers discussed which cities are better to Uber in than to own a car. Let’s take a look at these four cities and the pro’s and con’s of an uber only lifestyle.

Here are the top cities along with the cost for Ubering versus the cost of owning a personal car.

  • New York City
    • Personal Car Cost: $218
    • Uber Cost: $142
  • Chicago
    • Personal Car Cost: $116
    • Uber Cost: $77
  • Washington D.C.
    • Personal Car Cost: $130
    • Uber Cost: $96
  • Los Angeles
    • Personal Car Cost: $89
    • Uber Cost: $62

Pros Of Ubering Instead Of Owning A Car

The biggest pro of Ubering instead of owning a car is not having to pay for gas or maintenance. Gas stops and maintenance stops can quickly start to cost you a lot of money. And nothing is more frustrating than having a surprise mechanic bill to fix your car when it is broken.

If you don’t own a car you also don’t need to pay for car insurance. Car insurance can be a big cost, especially if you are younger. Some people pay hundreds of dollars a month in order to be able to drive. Only two states don’t require that you have auto insurance.

No need to wash the car. Having to stop to wash the car can be a pain. Even if you use a drive through car wash that can take time out of your day and it isn’t free. 

When you own your own car you have to worry about keeping it safe and parking it. Parking in many cities, such as the ones on this list, can be very difficult. And very costly. You also have to worry about getting everything out of your car so it doesn’t get broken into. If your car is broken into, you have to worry about fixing everything and replacing it too. 

Cons Of Ubering Instead Of Owning A Car

Often times the most annoying and complicated part of Ubering is having to wait for a ride. You can’t do a last minute, quick ride to Taco Bell. You will have to wait for your Uber to get there. Sometimes Uber can be to you in a matter of minutes, but some people have to wait 10 or more minutes in order for a ride to get there. If you are in a rush, this can be frustrating.

The cost of an Uber can be a big problem. With these cities it can be cheaper to use an Uber but there will be times where you will have to walk or use other transportation because it is simply too expensive. Peek and event times are a good example of this. You also have to factor in tipping when making the decision to go Uber only.

You might have limitations when it comes to using Uber. Uber has a limited number of passengers that you can take. It also means that the driver might not be able to take dogs or certain items. If a driver won’t take your pet you will have to wait for another ride to show up.

Going Uber only from owning a car is a big decision. However, if you live in one of these cities or are moving, Uber can be a big benefit to you. You will save a lot of money and be able to save time too if you plan right. Make sure to regularly check whether Uber or Lyft is cheaper for you.