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Brand South Australia on Social Media Advertising and how it has evolved in the last 6 months. It’s always hard to know where to pitch a session when it is being delivered to a broad and somewhat unknown cross section of industries and businesses with their own unique requirements so today I stuck to some of the fundamentals that often get overlooked.

This included how the LinkedIn Auction system works versus the Facebook and Instagram one, I also talked about the importance of backing in your TV and Radio campaigns strategically to amplify your cut through and brand recall. After all, if you are going to drop a lazy thirty thousand on a TVC and Radio campaign, surely you would spend three thousand backing that in.

I also covered off on where and when I would use Instagram ads and how important your audience segmentation is as well as a host of other things (one day I will remember to record these keynotes as videos)  If you are looking for someone to present on Social Media and Marketing for business at your next conference or event drop us a line.

Approximately 2.8 billion people use social media, with these levels of popularity and interaction, businesses not engaged in social media could be missing out on a huge opportunity. Some social media trends will likely fade away, others may not be relevant to a particular business, but it is important to keep one eye on what those trends are. If there is something that could work for you and your business, with a potential audience of nearly 3 billion, it’s got to be worth a look?

30 percent using YouTube, 25 percent using Instagram and 14 percent using Snapchat. This year also brings good news for every content maker out there: investment in influencers is on the rise across all platforms and has even trumped classic email marketing campaigns. The increase in investment has its reasons: influencers can increase your conversion rates tenfold. Not bad in our book!

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