Monday again

It’s Monday again – 10.13.2014 (17 pics)

Ellen's Lincoln car ad parody

Ellen’s parody of the McConaughey’s Lincoln car ad is hilarious [VIDEO]

Watch Ellen riding along with Mathew McConaughey, eating brownies and making suggestions about Cyrus the bull.

Keep calm and pretend it's not Monday

It’s Monday again – 9.15.2014 (10 pics)

Alien hunter comic

Alien Hunter

If you want me to go running

If you want me to go running

MInions playing soccer

Minions Explain Soccer [VIDEO]

The World Cup in 10 Seconds…according to Minions. :)

It's fun being online

Funny picdump – 5.30.2014 (26 pics)

Game on the stairs

Kids have fun in their game on the stairs [VIDEO]

Don’t try this at home! ;)