5 Basic Items Needed to Start a Gym

5 Basic Items Needed to Start a Gym

Everybody needs to take regular exercise, and currently, 80% of Americans aren’t getting enough exercise. It’s never too late to start exercising and reap the benefits exercise brings to the mind and body. 

The easiest way to start exercising is to get a few essential pieces of equipment to start a gym at home. With so many different types of equipment for a home gym, how can you choose?

This guide will help you find home gym essentials that won’t break the bank. You will be working out in no time!


1. An Exercise Mat

A mat is the bare essential for a home workout. It cushions your joints if you do exercises on the floor and gives you a grip for exercises such as push-ups. You don’t want to be sliding around on the floor as you work out, do you?

2. Weights

Resistance training is essential for everyone. Training with resistance helps to build muscle and increase bone density. As we age, our bones get more fragile and prone to breaking. If we do resistance training, we reduce our chance of getting osteoporosis. 

Find some weights that are suitable for your fitness level; if you are starting out, then 6-8lb should be heavy enough. There are hundreds of exercises you can do at home using weights.

The key is to mix it up and not always do the same home exercise routine. There are so many resources online to inspire you. 

3. Resistance Bands

These lightweight, easy-to-use bands are another way to add variation and resistance to your workout. You can combine resistance bands with weights or use them alone. They are great for strength-building workouts and can help you build muscle strength and tone. 

4. A Jump Rope

No workout is complete without some cardiovascular training. Taking cardio exercise is vital for your heart and lungs. A jump rope is a perfect way to do cardio if you don’t have much space for exercise at home. 

Jumping with a rope is also very effective and efficient. A short 10 minutes will get your heart beating and your blood circulating and leave you out of breath. 

If you find the idea of just jumping boring, check out some suggestions from personal trainers on how to mix up your jump rope work out. 

5. A Balance Ball 

A balance ball is great for many types of exercise, including pilates. You can also use balance balls for strength training and ab workouts.

Sit on a balance ball while doing weight training, too; this will add an extra challenge to your workout. The balance ball is a cheap addition to a gym setup. It is also a very versatile piece of equipment which makes it an excellent investment. 

Start a Gym With Just Five Essentials

You don’t need much to start a gym and get effective workouts. All the essential equipment mentioned in this article is very affordable and easy to get hold of. With just a few essentials, you will be on your way to fitness in no time. 

Once you have the equipment, you may need some instruction on how to use it effectively. So always consult a qualified trainer for advice before starting your exercise program. 

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