5 Best Carpet Textures for Your Home

5 Best Carpet Textures for Your Home

Did you know that walking on a carpet alleviates stress? More than any other flooring material, carpet reduces the extent of perceived psychological stress! 

You might not think about it, but your feet are almost always in contact with your flooring. With that in mind, selecting carpet textures for your home is more important than you might realize! 

It can be daunting to pick the best carpeting for your home. There are so many options for carpet patterns and design, not to mention texture. So if you’ve ever wondered what the best carpet texture is, read on!


1. Berber

Carpet is made by weaving loops of yarn through a backing material. The yarn can be made of different materials, and the loops can be in several different styles. 

Berber carpet has a level set of loops, meaning that they’re the same height with little variation. Berber carpet is often a neutral color.

Because of the neutral color and tight loops, Berber cleans easily and is perfect for high traffic areas. 

Berber carpet is the most versatile carpet design and is a great option for carpeting for your home

2. Cut-Loop Pile

Unlike Berber, cut-loop pile carpet is made by snipping the loops to an even height. Generally, they’re cut to a short height so that the carpet still keeps its shape. 

Cut-loop pile carpet is very soft and plush. These carpets can also be made with velvet or more luscious materials, and tend to fit well in more formal spaces with less foot traffic. 

3. Saxony

Saxony is a sub-texture of cut-loop carpet. While cut-loop pile tends to have shorter fiber lengths, Saxony features longer fibers. This makes the texture soft and fluffy. 

The fibers are usually densely packed and twisted to maintain their shape. Due to the length of the fibers, they show both footprints and dirt quite easily and are more difficult to clean. This makes them a great option for accent rugs and low foot traffic areas. 

4. Friezé

Friezé is very similar to Saxony, but the fibers are more disorderly. One example is shag carpeting. While Saxony carpet fibers tend to follow the same flow, Friezé carpet fibers don’t follow a pattern. 

Like Saxony, Friezé is dense and soft. Unlike Saxony, Friezé is great for high-traffic areas. It cleans easily and doesn’t show footprints.

5. Variable Height

More carpet patterns can be created by using different heights, cuts, and loop styles. These can create textured shapes even in carpets of a uniform color! 

A Note on Fibers

Regardless of what texture of carpet you pick, there are other types of carpet depending on the material you pick for the fibers.

Nylon is one of the most popular and durable carpet fibers. It resists both stains and daily use!

Wool is a natural carpet fiber. It’s durable and soil-resistant but often requires a stain-resistant treatment. Acrylic is a cheaper substitute for wool. 

Polyester is another popular choice. It’s both soft and luxurious while still being one of the best carpets for high traffic areas. 

Try Out Some New Carpet Textures Today!

Hopefully, this article will have given you some idea for carpet textures to choose for your home. Even if you choose neutral colors throughout, you can achieve variety and interest from texture alone. 

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