5 Key Reasons for Selling a House As Is

5 Key Reasons for Selling a House As Is

So you’ve decided to sell your home!

It’s an exciting time but can come with a lot of stress. Particularly if you’re looking to speed up the home selling process.

If you’re looking to sell fast, selling a house as is is a great option for many sellers. In this article, we’ll be going over the 5 top reasons why homeowners might sell a house as is. But first, what exactly does it mean?


What Does Selling a House As Is Mean?

“As is” refers to putting your home on the market in its current state. Quite often, homeowners will undergo many renovations and repairs before selling their home. This is in the hopes of getting a better price for it.

However, many homeowners end up spending more on renovations than they should, leading to a dent in their profit from selling their home. Selling a home as is isn’t for everyone, but there are several good reasons to do it.

1. Lower Expenses

If it’s your first time selling and moving to a new home, you might be surprised at how many costs are involved. From taxes to realtor fees to hiring the moving company, the expenses all add up.

Renovations, repairs, and upgrades don’t come free. So a great reason to sell as is is to lower your expenses.

2. Less Work

Repairs and renovations not only don’t come cheap, but they take a lot of hard work. If you’re hiring a company to do the work, that will send your expenses skyrocketing.

This is why many homeowners opt to do simpler jobs like painting themselves, but this can be a real time commitment. Homeowners can spend months DIYing their home to get it ready to sell. So if you’re looking to save yourself a lot of effort and time, selling as is might be what you’re after.

3. Valuable Land, Not Property

In some areas where the real estate market has taken off like San Francisco or Seattle, developers and investors are keenly looking for property to purchase. Often it isn’t to rent out the property, but to own the land so they can tear down the current property and rebuild it to more valuable property.

For some homes, selling as is makes more sense as buyers will value the land more than the property itself. 

4. Attracts Cash Buyers

Similar to the above, selling as is tends to attract cash buyers. They’re most often investors, looking to get a good deal and a quick sale. 

5. Best for Auction

Often homeowners want the simplicity of a fast estate sale through either auction, a local house buying company, or through a “we buy homes fast” company like fasterhouse.com. Selling as is works the best for any of these options.

You’ll save yourself months of time and effort, as well as money on fixing up homes that buyers would have purchased anyway. Especially for homes that are inherited, this can be a great option to speed up the home selling process and split the proceeds.  

Learn More About Real Estate

Selling a house as is comes with some clear benefits as it can save a lot of time and money for homeowners. But you should do your research and understand the cons of selling as is as much as the pros. You can learn more about all things real estate on our blog.

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