5 Types of Stunning Entrance Gates

5 Types of Stunning Entrance Gates

Thinking about installing a driveway gate? Don’t be afraid to take the plunge.

Besides getting a break on your home owner’s insurance, you’ll get a great return on your investment. Who doesn’t love the elegance of a gate and the added security gates offer?

Whether you’re looking at various types of security gates, privacy gates, or looking to add curb appeal to your home, you can find all the benefits in one gate.  

Ready to invest in an entrance gate for your home? Check out these 5 types of entrance gates that will make your home feel secure while looking beautiful at the same time. 


1. Wood Gate 

Do you have a traditional home? A wood gate would be the perfect complement to your home’s exterior. It offers privacy and many stain options to match the home and whatever style of posts or pillars used on either side of the gate. 

Wood is warm and welcoming and can be customized. 

2. Composite 

Is your home exterior stone or brick? You can install a composite gate that mimics the materials used on the outside of your home. Your gate can look like it’s made of stone or other similar material without weighing a ton. 

Choose from a plethora of styles and colors no matter the material on the exterior of your home. 

3. Vinyl 

Vinyl is replacing wood fences in many residential neighborhoods. A vinyl gate offers the privacy of wood but without the worry of restaining and maintaining the wood look. 

Water doesn’t bother it and you can order it in many varieties including a wood-like design. It will need pressure washing about once a year or once every other year depending on your location. 

4. Glass 

A glass gate sounds very elegant and can create a one-of-a-kind look. Glass is a great compliment to a contemporary home or will add a transitional look to any style home. 

Add some silver or gold to really up the elegance and sophistication or finish it in a color to make it unique. 

5. Wrought Iron Gate 

Durability and style are what you’ll get with a wrought iron gate. Wrought iron gates are weather resistant and last for years! Wrought iron won’t bend and it’s very difficult to cut through. 

You can customize your wrought iron gate to match any style. 

Looking for pretty entrance gates with style, history, and grandeur? A wrought iron gate will do the trick. Learn more here. 

Entrance Gates to Match Your Style

Now that you’ve learned more about the different types of entrance gates, which one will you choose to match your style and the style of your home? Before choosing, think about function, aesthetics, and purpose. 

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