6 Ways to Get Good Lighting in Your Home

6 Ways to Get Good Lighting in Your Home

Good lighting can make or break the mood of any room. It can also help you save a lot of money on energy bills.

If you are struggling with outdated or inefficient indoor lighting, here are some expert home lighting ideas to brighten up your rooms to give you a refreshed look in no time.


1. Choose a Focal Point

Not all home chandeliers, fixtures, and lamps should be the same size. Otherwise, you will find it difficult to narrow in on something specific because the eyes will keep seeking visual clarity without knowing where to look.

If you have a large space like a dining room, you should get large chandeliers. These giant fancy lights will become the best focal point for all your guests to marvel at. For smaller spaces like bedrooms, a floor or bedside lamp would be more ideal.

When you are picking home lighting, you should not get anything that will overpower the room. However, the lights should also not be too dim to get lost and make you want to get night vision goggles.

You should always consider scale when choosing light fixtures to help you get the perfect indoor lighting. The length and width of your room should be considered when determining the diameter of a chandelier.

2. Layer for a Balanced Effect

Layers are essential for good lighting because then you can create the best balance. You should aim to get three or more sources of light for every space. In smaller rooms or areas, you can lower the size of your light fixtures and bulb wattage to cover a few square feet. The accent layer will help highlight any extra details you want to decorate your room with.

Another way to layer and change the atmosphere of your rooms is by using dimmer switches as much as possible. This will also help you significantly save money on energy bills while providing you greater control over your indoor lighting.

Dimmers are great for changing the mood, especially if you want a romantic vibe during a date. They offer a harmonious balance of both artificial and natural light, making them an excellent investment for your home.

3. Use Lighting Apps

You should download light control apps that you can monitor even if you are not at home. This will help prevent your home from looking vacant while on holiday if you are worried about break-ins.

You can even see if you left any lights on upstairs while you are downstairs watching TV.

With these apps, you can also turn your lights on right before getting home from work. Then you will not have to walk inside and fumble around a pitch-dark space trying to find the switch.

These can easily be installed on your smartphone or tablet, and you can also set themes for your lights, like “Dinner Party,” and save these settings to come on, so you do not need to keep balancing the lights manually.

If you do not want to use any phones or tablets before bed, you can get lights that connect wirelessly with a remote to control them from anywhere in the room. Then you can switch your lights on and off without having to get out of bed.

4. Get Creative With Good Lighting

Your indoor lighting can be more than just portable lamps and overhead fixtures. Aside from being functional, home lighting can illuminate unexpected glow to give you the most personalized environment.

You can think outside the box by getting hanging pendants next to the bed or use little lights on bookshelves and cabinets. If you have plants at home, you should hide a spotlight next to them and turn it at a 45-degree angle toward the foliage to create a warm glow around them.

5. Swap Your Lightbulbs

You should change the bulbs in light fixtures that you use the most, especially for hallways and your kitchen. If you swap for bulbs with Energy Star labels, you can conserve a lot of power and save money on bills.

Lighting manufacturers have made it easier to change those heavy energy old fixtures to help you trim your utility bills. You should also replace any old chandeliers with new models to enhance the ambiance in your home, and these will also help you save energy, so you do not have to feel guilty about leaving the lights on longer.

According to Consumer Reports, energy-saving options can also boost your home’s value by up to 3%. Installing smart technology and energy-efficient bulbs will lower your consumption significantly, and the most affordable LED bulbs are now readily available.

They are the perfect eco-friendly choice for your home and will set the ideal mood to brighten up your spaces beautifully.

6. Change Your Media Room Lights

If you have a home theater or media room, any spaces that focus on TVs do not need powerful lighting. You can go for more ambient and functional indoor lighting like lamps to reduce glare on your screens. Then you can keep these lights dim when you are having a movie night with loved ones.

When you are planning lights for your media room, you can take advantage of natural lighting and pair them with the right blinds or curtains. Then a bright and sunny day will not dampen your Netflix binge afternoons with harsh rays all over your screen.

Improve Your Mood Today

No matter how much the walls, windows, artwork, and decorations make your home feel cozy, good lighting brings every room to life. Without the best indoor lighting, you can put a lot of strain on your eyes and unnecessarily spend more on utility bills.

These home lighting tips will help you create the perfect environment for loved ones because the ambiance in your rooms must provoke a relaxed and happy feeling aside from being a place to live. If you enjoyed reading these lighting tips, check out our blog for more exciting information that will enrich your lifestyle in no time.

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