How Homeowners Can Use Their Attic for Storage

How Homeowners Can Use Their Attic for Storage

Are you running out of room in your closets, garage, or basement for all of your things? Do you want somewhere to store your holiday items and decorations that’s out of the way?

Why not use your attic or loft space?

While attics used to be popular for storage, many people don’t utilize this space anymore. They often think that attics are fragile or unreliable, so using their attic for storage seems unsafe. 

Some people just don’t want the cluttered mess in their attics. 

We want to help you solve these problems so you can have a new storage space and clear out some room in your home. Keep reading to learn all about attic renovation to make it the perfect storage space.


You Can Fix Your Floors

Many attics have floors with large spaces in between each beam (that is to say, they don’t really have floors at all. At least not floors that you can use). They also often have exposed insulation.

This leads people to be cautious about placing their things up in the attic or even walking up there. 

Luckily, you can make a few small changes to make your attic a livable (or rather, storable) space that’s sturdy enough to hold you and your things. 

You could DIY it if you’re handy, but it’s not easy and the average person would benefit from professional help. To do it on your own you need to know how to apply extra insulation, add enough space over the insulation so that it doesn’t get compressed, and safely install platforms or boards across the floor.

You can also get professional work done to make the process quicker and easier. The price of loft boarding is often more reasonable than the cost of your time and any materials that you need. 

After you’ve boarded up your loft or attic, you have what amounts to normal floors that you’re able to walk and store things on. 

Try Built-In Organization

Once you have your floors fixed, why not renovate more of the attic? You can start working on built-in organization methods so you can store with less clutter and have more walkable space.

If you’re handy, you can install an extra wall over a small portion of your attic. It doesn’t have to be a “true” wall; a large wooden panel will do fine. 

To this “wall” you can add shelving for light objects or even a small door for things that you’d like to keep hidden away. These don’t have to be perfect as they’re not on display. Anything to make your storage space more functional is a great addition. 

Use Storebought Organization Methods

If DIY projects aren’t your thing, there’s nothing wrong with buying some storebought organizers to make life easier. Remember, because your floors are sturdy, you can fit many different kinds of shelves, containers, and other storage options. 

It’s best to keep a lot of your floor space clear, so try not to pile up boxes and clutter up the attic. It’s also not helpful to have boxes stacked in such a way that they aren’t accessible when you need them. 

Instead, get shelving that can hold large storage containers in cubbies or on shelves. This makes it so each box is easily removed and opened without having to move aside other boxes.

It’s also a good idea to invest in a label maker (or make your own labels) so things are easier to find. Your future self will thank you for the convenience. 

Make Your Attic Accessible

One of the biggest problems that people face with attic storage is the inability to reach it or safely retrieve your items. While the new floors will help with safety, getting up into the attic is a problem. 

Make sure that whatever ladder or staircase that’s going into the attic is stable. If not, replace it or have someone else replace it with another ladder or staircase of an appropriate size. You may be limited depending on the dimensions of the attic door.

If there’s no entry into your attic, no problem. You can install an attic door and staircase. Choose a place on the ceiling that works best for you. You want it out of the way and you need enough room for a ladder or staircase to extend. 

You’ll then cut a hole into the ceiling to make a wide enough access hatch for you to enter and move your objects. 

After this, you need to find an appropriate ladder or staircase. We suggest a staircase if you can find one as they’re safer to climb.

Here’s a full guide on installing your own attic entrance for those who don’t want to hire a remodeler. 

Add Appropriate Lighting

Lighting is another important factor of accessibility. Most attics don’t have any natural light and they aren’t equipped with lighting options. 

If you aren’t the type to re-wire a room, it’s best to get an electrician. They can help you wire the attic in such a way that you can install a hanging light fixture.

If this seems like too much work, for the time being, invest in some strong battery-powered lights to place around your attic. As most attics don’t have electrical outlets, you can’t rely on lights that need them. 

Get More Room: Use Your Attic for Storage

Using your attic for storage is a great way to take advantage of all of the space that your home has to offer. Not having a refined and finished attic when you move in doesn’t mean that it doesn’t make a great storage option. You’ll just need to put some time in.

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