Debunking the Most Common Vehicle Tire Myths That Exist Today

Debunking the Most Common Vehicle Tire Myths That Exist Today

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a car is taking excellent care of its tires. A vehicle tire helps a car roll down the road and supports its body and components. Without quality tires, you won’t go far.

Still, there are quite a few myths about vehicle tires currently floating around in the automotive industry. Today, we’ll put some of those myths to rest. That way, your vehicle ownership will be smooth sailing.

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Tread Equals Quality

The tire penny test is an old-fashioned way of determining the quality of a vehicle tire. It can help you measure a tire’s tread, thus determining how much life it might have left.

But this trick is outdated and inaccurate. After all, different tire types have thicker or thinner treads. Consequently, tread length and width is no longer an indicator of tire quality or condition.

You Only Need All-Season Tires

Drivers that live in a location with consistent weather may figure that they only need a set of all-season tires. And while this decision can keep your vehicle on the road throughout the year, it’s not always the best choice.

Summer tires, for example, are designed to withstand higher temperatures and slicker road surfaces. They’re ideal for warm environments and rainy afternoons.

Individuals living in naturally warm areas may want to choose a set of summer tires instead of all-season ones, especially if the area they live in never sees snow or cold temperatures.

You Can Ignore Pressure Warnings

Many vehicles released within the last decade feature a tire pressure warning system to keep drivers informed. But ignoring these warnings has become a dangerous trend.

While it might be tempting to overlook a tire pressure warning on your dashboard, it’s crucial to tend to the issue right away. A low-pressure warning could be letting you know that your tire is damaged.

If you choose to ignore this warning, you could be putting yourself at risk of getting into an auto accident. After all, one of the worst things that can happen while you’re on a highway is your tire popping and shredding itself.

Vehicle Tire Sets Are Expensive

Tire sets come in all kinds of sizes and capabilities. They’re also available in multiple price tiers, ensuring that drivers of every budget can afford a new set of tires. 

However, you might believe that vehicle tire sets are too pricey. This is a myth that could lead to serious trouble in the future. After all, the longer you put off buying new tires, the riskier your driving may become.

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Find New Tires Today

When it comes to a vehicle tire, a thick tread doesn’t always equal quality. Additionally, it’s crucial to consider tire type, especially when driving through different types of environments or weather.

And contrary to popular belief, a spare tire won’t last forever. So, you’ll likely want to replace it with a proper tire before long. Otherwise, you may begin to notice recurrent low-pressure warnings. 

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