Don’t Want to Live in LA? 5 Cities Near Los Angeles You Should Consider

Don’t Want to Live in LA? 5 Cities Near Los Angeles You Should Consider

Tired of LA traffic and crowds but love the Southern California lifestyle? Or are you California dreamin’ but cannot afford the sky-high house prices in Los Angeles?

Do not despair! While you do not want to compromise on your dreams, you might find that the many cities near Los Angeles fit your lifestyle better. You can still enjoy all the opportunities that LA offers without the crowds and price tag.

The average monthly rent in Los Angeles at the moment is $2,354. This guide offers more affordable cities near Los Angeles within a 12-50 mile radius.


1. La Verne

Sitting on the border of the San Gabriel Mountains in Los Angeles County is the city of La Verne. It is around 30 miles east of Los Angeles with a 30-minute drive time.

It is a compact city with around 31,000 permanent residents. But that is why it is one of the best alternative cities near Los Angeles, CA if you want a more peaceful community. It offers a suburban feel with quiet, tree-lined streets and kids playing on their front lawns.

But on the flip side, it is home to the University of La Verne. So the city has a young, hip vibe with lots of great coffee shops and restaurants.

The average monthly rent of La Verne is way less than Los Angeles at $1,687 per month. House price averages are around $750,617 at the moment, but there is plenty available for less.

2. Corona

One of the best cities near Los Angeles if you want to leave Los Angeles County is Corona. It is a much bigger city than La Verne with around 150,000 permanent residents. But it is also further away from Los Angeles at a little under 50 miles with a 45-minute drive.

This Riverside County city is perfect for nature and hiking lovers. Corona sits between Chino Hills State Park, Lake Mathews Estelle Mountain Reserve, and the Santa Ana Mountains. There are few hiking opportunities in Los Angeles!

It is also a wonderful city for families because the public schools are very highly-rated. Many residents own their homes and there are lots of parks and activities for children.

The average monthly rent in Corona at the moment is around $1,909 and the average house price is approx. $572,000. If Corona sounds like one of the best surrounding cities near Los Angeles to you, check out this local real estate agent.

3. Torrance

Do La Verne and Corona seem a little too far away from LA? Well, Torrance is only 20 miles south which is around a 25-minute drive time to downtown. This makes Torrance one of the closest major cities near Los Angeles that is also more affordable.

It is a similar size to Corona with 150,000 residents but with that big-city vibe. Torrance also has one of the lowest crime rates in Los Angeles County, which is a great reason to move to the city from LA.

One of the best things about Torrance is that it is right on Redondo Beach so you would live super close to the sea. Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is only 15-minutes away which is perfect if you love to travel.

Torrance’s average monthly rent is around $2,000 and the average house price is $950,000. So, it is much more expensive to buy here than some of the other nice cities near Los Angeles on this list. But if you are a renter, it is still cheaper than LA.

4. West Covina

West Covina is an alternative to Torrance if you want to stay close to Los Angeles. Whereas Torrance has a laid-back coastal feel, West Covina is more suburban. Its population is around 100,000 and it is east of Downtown LA.

West Covina is only 20 minutes drive to Los Angeles and is 20 miles away. This is an ideal city if you still want to work in LA but want a less-crowded and cheaper place to live. The average monthly rent is $1,900 which, again, is like Torrance’s average rent prices.

But if you want to buy property, the average house prices are much less at around $640,000. 

West Covina offers everything a great Los Angeles County suburban city should have. There are tonnes of shopping malls, lots of city parks, and plenty of amenities. While the beach and the mountains are not on its doorstep, they are still within driving distance of West Covina. 

5. Pico Rivera

Last but not least, Pico Rivera is the closest of all these cities near Los Angeles. It is only 10 miles away from Downtown but, thanks to that LA traffic, the driving time is on par with West Covina which is double the distance.

But where Pico Rivera wins is the cost of living. The average monthly rent is only $1,600 which must be one of the cheapest prices this close to Los Angeles. The average house price is only $570,000 too. 

Pico Rivera is a smaller city of around 63,000 people so it offers a more peaceful community than many LA neighborhoods. Cultural experiences are important in Pico Rivera as they have several art museums and performance venues.

Like West Covina, there are lots of city parks and it’s a great place for families to settle down.

Do you want to keep your LA job, pay less for housing but still be within driving distance of the beach, mountains, and LAX? Then Pico Rivera is a worthwhile consideration for you! Plus, with a wide list of activities near LAX, including shopping, dining, and exploring local attractions like the Manhattan Beach Pier, you’ll have plenty to do in your leisure time if you choose to live in Pico Rivera.

These Cities Near Los Angeles Are Waiting for You!

There are so many amazing places to live in LA County and beyond that one of these cities near Los Angeles is sure to be for you. Weigh up your ideal lifestyle with your income and see which city fits.

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