Finding a Dental Practice That’s Right For You

Finding a Dental Practice That’s Right For You

In 2019 alone, well over half of all American adults paid a visit to a dental practice at least once that year. Still, around one-quarter of the population left their dental injuries untreated.

Are you putting off a dentist visit because you’re unsure how to choose a dental provider? We get it. Not only do you worry about the high cost of dental care, but it’s hard to know if the care you’re going to get is high quality or even adequate.

Read on to learn some essential tips to demystify the process of finding that perfect dentist’s office.


The Latest Technology

A dentist office is a place where technology is ever-changing.

Today, dentists use ultrasound to model your entire mouth in 3D, use laser technology to treat cavities and etch out decay. There are even filters made of stem cells that respond to your body, growing to fill the cavity on their own.

When choosing an office, check if they have the latest equipment on-site or have access to it if they need to use it.

A Convenient Location

If you have a terrible toothache, the first thing you’re likely to do is search “dentist near me,” right? And when looking for a regular dentist’s office, the location should be a factor you consider, too.

Choosing an office near you means you can get there in an emergency. But you also won’t waste time going to the dentist far away for regular checkups.

Friendly Staff

When do you call to make an appointment, do the staff greet you in a friendly, helpful manner? Do they answer your questions promptly and authoritatively? When you visit the office, are the staff helpful in directing you to complete forms or telling you where to wait?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then you’ve found a dentist that genuinely cares about your oral hygiene.

Contemporary Office Design

The wallpaper is stained and peeling off the walls. There’s a distinctly musty smell coming from the small, dirty restroom. And the waiting room is filled with rickety chairs and magazines from the 2000s.

A poorly designed office could mean a clinic lacks its dedication to dental health. Instead, look for a dental practice with a modern, clean, hygienic interior design like Hillcrest Dental.

Great Reviews

Reviews matter for every business, but they’re essential when it comes to finding a dentist. While the clinic’s website may boast shining reviews from past patients, looking further afield is necessary.

Garner recommendations from friends and family, check the company out on Better Business Bureau, and head to Google and read through the authentic reviews left by past clients.

Don’t Settle for a Mediocre Dental Practice

Whether you’re choosing a dental practice near you or because it’s been recommended by friends or family, be sure to run through this checklist. Don’t just go with a dentist that checks one or two boxes and falls short on the rest. Value yourself and your smile, and choose the clinic that excels in all areas.

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