How to Prepare for a Home Water Emergency

How to Prepare for a Home Water Emergency

Unlike many problems in a home that become immediately obvious, a water leak often escapes notice for some time. In fact, you may not even realize it exists until signs of the leak appear. For example, you might see discolorations on the wall, an increase in your water bill, or an ever-worsening musty smell.

Sadly, recognizing that you have a water leak or even finding the leak only gets you halfway to the finish line. You must still deal with the water emergency. If you’re not sure what you should do, keep reading for some key steps to help you manage the problem.


Water Main

A surprising number of people don’t even know where the water main enters their home. Yet, it’s a crucial piece of information for when you’re up against an emergency water leak. While a slow leak can cause damage, a gushing leak can constitute a full-blown home emergency.

Make sure you know where the water main enters your home and the location of the shut-off valve. If you find a leak, use the shutoff to stop the flow of water into your home. Once you’ve turned your stop tap to shut off the mains, you should look to contact a reputable Plumber in Greenacre NSW (or elsewhere more relevant) who can come and solve the leak problem.

Clean Up

If you find a small leak, you can likely deal with it using a bucket to catch water, a mop, and a fan. The mop helps you soak up any puddles and the fan helps you dry the area.

In the case of a major leak, you must act quickly after you turn off the water main shut-off valve. Use towels or other absorbent materials you don’t mind throwing away to soak up as much water as possible. The less water you leave on the floor, the less damage you’ll face in the aftermath.

Contact Water Pros

In the immediate aftermath, you’ll need a plumber to fix the actual pipes. You’ll also want water remediation pros.

No matter how quickly you act, you will face some level of damage in your homes to walls, floors, or personal possessions. Water remediation pros will help minimize the overall loss. They’ll also help you recover from water damage.

Emergency Water

You’ll also want an emergency water supply on hand. While minor plumbing leaks might only take an afternoon to fix, major plumbing disasters can take longer. You might lack clean water for several days.

A good rule of thumb is that you’ll need a gallon a day for every person. A three-day supply is the standard recommendation, assuming the water emergency only applies to your home.

Dealing with a Water Emergency

Dealing with a water emergency calls for quick action and pre-planning. You must turn off the water main immediately, which means knowing the shut-off valve location. You must start the clean-up of the water as quickly as possible.

Then, you need professionals. Research local plumbers and water remediation pros ahead of time so you have their numbers on hand. Also, lay in a supply of emergency water.

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