NAD+ Treatment: Miracle In Medicine

NAD+ Treatment: Miracle In Medicine

Discover the latest miracle in medicine NAD+

What if there was a substance that could help protect your brain cells from damage due to stress? That could support healthy sleep cycles and regulate your appetite? That could encourage healthy aging and even help to repair your DNA? Wouldn’t you call that a miracle? Well, there is and this substance is known as NAD+. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about it in the post below. 



NAD+ is a molecule that is useful in converting food into energy. This is because NAD+ picks up a charged hydrogen molecule, as well as electrons, and becomes NADH. The NADH carries these things from one molecule to another, helping it to function better and transform food into energy.  

However, being able to access energy isn’t just important in enabling our bodies to move, but also because it is used to repair cells and maintain homeostasis. What that means is, if we want our cells to heal effectively, and fight the effects of aging our bodies need NAD+!

The specific benefits of NAD+ 

Of course, with such an important role in the maintenance and repair of our bodies on a cellular level, you can expect NAD+ to have some impressive specific benefits. Indeed, many people are calling them miracle-like! 

NAD+ supports healthy aging 

Sirtuin is a protein that plays a vital role in regulating our biological pathways. Unfortunately, these pathways are vulnerable to decline with age. The good news is that when you have the right amount of sirtuin, you can help protect these pathways, and what helps to ensure that sirtuin works effectively? Yep NAD+!

NAD+ project brain cells from stress 

Studies have shown that NAD+ levels can predict the survival of cells while under stress. Again, this is because of the role of sirtuins, and as we already know NAD+ is crucial to their function. Therefore, by using the right amount of NAD+ we can help protect our brain cells from stress. 

NAD+ assists in repairing DNA

NAD+ can also be applied to DNA repair. Indeed our DNA is in a state of degradation over time and constantly needs to be repaired. The miracle of NAD+ is that it encourages repair in the area of DNA that most needs it. Therefore the more NAD+ the more effective DNA repair can be. 

NAD+ helps regulate sleep and hunger 

Again NAD+ and sirtuins interplay, this time to help regulate our sleep and hunger patterns. As we know, sirtuins need NAD+ to function properly, also the sleep-wake cycle controls when there will be NAD+ available. 

What it means is by properly managing the levels of NAD+ in your body, you can support your sirtuins, and ensure that your sleep and hunger patterns are stable. This, of course, has extensive ramifications for physical health, mental health, quality of life, and weight control. 

Indeed, it is these remarkable benefits that can have far-reaching impacts on health and wellbeing that are leading many in the medical industry to call NAD+ a miracle in medicine. 

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