The Purpose of Elevated Deck Systems

The Purpose of Elevated Deck Systems

A well-built elevated deck can help you increase customer satisfaction and attract diners. It can be a less cramped space and allows you to send water away from your home. It can also prevent water from accumulating and stagnating under the deck. Restaurant owners must attract more diners to keep their businesses healthy, and elevated decks are the best option. These systems can be custom-designed to fit your restaurant’s needs.


Sending Water Away From The House

An elevated deck system is an excellent way to keep water from collecting on a house. These systems utilize metal panels and brackets to attach the panels to the joists. These panels drop about an eighth of an inch per square foot to divert water away from the house. The water runs off the metal panels into a gutter on the outward beam. This water is then channeled down a downspout to the ground. These systems are inexpensive and easy to install.

Several companies offer elevated deck systems allowing water to run off the deck and away from the house. Some of these products have an integrated drainage system that allows water to flow from the deck into a drainage system. 

Pedestals Help Prevent Water Stagnation

Pedestals are a common feature of elevated floor systems and can help prevent water stagnation. They also level the surface on a sloped area and can make installation easier. These systems are often used indoors and outdoors and can help hide pipework, electrical wiring, and other underfloor construction.

They are an easy and cost-effective way to build a horizontal deck surface. In addition, they do not interfere with existing waterproof membranes or require permanent structures. Another benefit of using pedestals is that they can be removed for maintenance. The height of the pedestals can be adjusted easily with thin rubber shims.

Adding an Under-Deck Drainage System

Adding an under-deck drainage system to your elevated deck system will prevent standing water from damaging your deck’s framing. These systems have a variety of components and configurations. They can be installed either above or below the deck framing. Under-deck drainage systems are commonly made of a vinyl or metal membrane that drapes over the joists and forms a drainage system. These systems create a sloping surface to direct water away from your deck and away from your home. Under-deck drainage systems are a great way to extend the life of your elevated deck. They divert water away from your deck, shielding the wooden foundation from water and rot. A proper drainage system will also protect your deck’s wooden structure, which is essential because the average wood substructure will start to deteriorate after just ten years.

There is a system that is one of the market’s most popular under-deck drainage systems. It will divert 99 percent of rainwater from your deck’s underside area. It is compatible with electrics and is slightly less expensive than the other systems. Some systems also incorporate gutters that will divert water away from the deck’s surface.

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