Trailer vs. RV: What Are the Differences?

Trailer vs. RV: What Are the Differences?

Did you know that the federal government manages more than 100,000 campsites nationwide? There are also more than 150,000 campsites scattered across the thousands of state parks in the country.

And that says nothing about the number of private campgrounds in operation in the US. It’s safe to say that camping is an American tradition. There is ample opportunity to experience the great outdoors, wherever you live.

But the best way to soak it all up is with an RV. Trailer vs. RV, what’s the difference, and which should you buy for your camping adventures?

Keep reading our trailer and RV guide below to help clear up this common misunderstanding. 


What Is an RV?

RV stands for a recreational vehicle. It’s not a specific type of vehicle, as most people assume.

Rather, RV is an umbrella term that covers the entire recreational vehicle industry. The problem is that many people mistakingly assume that RVs and motorhomes are one and the same.

Motorhomes are the type of RV that has a motor and a driver’s seat. There is no towing required, as the RV is an all-in-one home and vehicle.

But motorhomes like this are just one type of RV. There are others, including the travel trailer, pop-up camper trailer, fifth wheel, and much more. 

What Is a Trailer for Camping?

Trailers, when it comes to camping, are any type of RV that you tow behind your vehicle. The most common is a travel trailer. These can be short or as long as 40 feet. 

They look just like motorhomes but are towed behind a truck or large SUV rather than driven.

There are also smaller types of camping trailers. The popup camper is one of the cheapest and most affordable. It has a solid bottom and a soft canvas top. It can be folded down for easy transportation.

All camping trailers are considered RVs, just like a motorhome. You can take a camping trailer to any campground you would take a motorhome. In fact, since trailers are usually smaller than large motorhomes, you have more camping options with a medium-sized trailer. 

Check out this site for information on camping with your RV in Louisiana. There are some private, luxury motorhome parks out there that don’t allow trailers, however. 

Trailer vs. RV

So what is the difference between a trailer and an RV? Well, to clarify once more, RV is an umbrella term, not a specific type of vehicle.

All camping vehicles, whether trailers or standalone vehicles like motorhomes are RVs. Many people think that RV means motorhome, however.

Camping trailers are just one type of RV. And since they are so affordable, they are some of the most popular RVs as well. 

Getting Your Recreational Vehicle

I hope this trailer and RV guide has clarified the difference between a trailer vs. RV. It’s a common misunderstanding, but at least now you know better.

So you can head to your local RV dealer and ensure you are using the right terminology as you shop around for the perfect vehicle for your camping needs.

Looking for more RV tips like this? Visit our blog now to keep reading. 

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