Vino Vaults: How to Store Red Wine Properly

Vino Vaults: How to Store Red Wine Properly

Make that red wine last! Studies show that red wine may be good for your health, so make sure that you’re storing it to keep it at its best. 

It is not as complicated as you may think it is. With this guide, you’ll learn the best tips on how to store red wine. 

Besides, if you know how to properly store red wine, you’re a real wine enthusiast! (This means you’re drinking and storing fine wine. Cheap store-bought wine doesn’t need to be stored the same way.)


The Temperature Matters

The temperature at which you store your red wine matters. Do not keep your wine in a hot area. The heat will ruin your wine in taste and texture. 

Also, who wants to drink warm wine? 

Keep your storage temperature around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, and you’ve found your happy middle. The temperature can fluctuate ten degrees above or below 55, but better safe than sorry. 

Just like you don’t want your wine too warm, you also don’t want it too cold. Avoid storing in garages and refrigerators. 

Don’t Keep It in the Sun

Don’t let the sun in! Sunlight won’t help you keep your wine stored right. This is partly due to the necessary storage temperature. 

It is also due to what sunlight can do when it hits wine. Amino acids with sulfur in them can form when sunlight shines on wine. This will alter your wine’s taste. 

Keep your wine in a dark, closed space where the sunlight won’t hit it. Wine cabinets are a great option. Try Wine Cell’r wine cabinets for a good quality storage place for your red wine. 

Horizontal Wine Bottles Only

One of the best ways to help your wine last also helps the cork of your wine bottle last: store your wine bottles on a horizontal level! When you do this, the wine helps keep the cork moist. This will help you open it later on. 

Keeping the cork wet not only helps you open it but also helps keep the quality of the wine. Keep that in mind! 

It’s also a great choice for saving on space too. 

Leave the Wine Until You Drink It

Even extra movement or vibration when picking up a bottle of wine can make the wine lose its rich flavor. 

This is why you need to leave the wine where it’s stored until you drink it. You also want to make sure that your wine cabinets or storage system is sturdy. That way, when you may remove one bottle of wine, you won’t disturb the others. 

That’s How to Store Red Wine!

With these tips regarding temperature, environment, and more, you now know how to store red wine. You’re the wine connoisseur you’ve always wanted to be!  

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