Why Your AC Is Running Constantly and What to Do

Why Your AC Is Running Constantly and What to Do

On average, your air conditioning unit should last you 15 to 20 years. But just because your AC is “alive” doesn’t mean you won’t run into problems. 

For instance, if your AC is running constantly, then there’s likely an issue at play. And if you don’t get to the root cause of it, you’re likely shortening your unit’s lifespan.

Read on to find out what could be causing your AC to keep running and how to fix these problems.


Dirty Air Filter

When’s the last time you changed your AC’s air filter? If you can’t remember, then this might be the culprit.

Take out the air filter and either shine a light on it or hold it up to one. If you can’t see any rays of light poking through, then that means it’s time to change the old for the new.

To keep your AC unit working, check the filters every month or so.

Low Airflow

It seems obvious, but your AC system needs good airflow to operate correctly. So if it won’t stop running, there’s a good chance that you’ve blocked a vent on accident!

Take a look around and check that everything is pulled away from vents at a good distance. Make sure your curtains aren’t blocking them either.

Wrong-Sized Unit

If your AC’s relatively new but it won’t stop running, then chances are, you don’t have the right size.

The sad fact is, many AC technicians do a poor job of installing new units, and they replace the old one with a new one of the same size. But you can’t just plop down a new AC based only on size; you need to calculate square footage insulation and ventilation too!

You should call a good and reputable HVAC company to come assess your situation and recommend a better-suited one in this case. Click for more information if you’re interested.

Broken Thermostat

Sometimes, it’s not your AC that’s broken, but rather, the thermostat. Your system might be doing a stellar job of cooling down your house, but the thermostat doesn’t realize your desired temperature’s been reached because something in its connection is broken.

Have an AC technician come inspect your thermostat and replace it if it’s indeed causing issues.

If Your AC Is Running Constantly, Take Action Now

An AC running constantly can’t be good for both the unit itself and your wallet. Not to mention, it’s bad for the environment too!

So if your AC won’t shut off, you should take immediate action, as it can be any of the issues we’ve mentioned in this article. By getting HVAC help promptly, not only will you save yourself some money in the long run, but you’ll also do your part in looking after the planet.

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