3 Essential Reasons to Buy a Van

3 Essential Reasons to Buy a Van

In 2019 — before we were all seeking freedom from the pandemic — the census put the number of people living the van life at about 140,000. The freedom and adventure of living life out the back of a van has a huge appeal to vast swathes of people, and it’s only one of the potential benefits of owning a van.

So what are the others?

If you want to buy a van, make sure you consider some of the benefits of owning a van before you do it. Let’s take a quick tour through our 3 essential reasons to buy a van!


1. Buy a Van for Versatility

Picture it: you’re weighing up whether or not to buy a van. You’ve scoured through sites like www.recvan.com and know exactly the kind of van you’d go for if you were to hit ‘buy’.

But you wonder, what am I going to use it for?

The answer? Everything.

That’s the great thing about owning a van. You might buy one to transport tools for your small business but end up converting it to a full-fledged van life home. You might then settle down and need a great, spacious vehicle to take the kids to school, which is only another slight conversion away.

Having a big room on wheels is handy because it can used for such a vast range of things. Don’t think, ‘What will I do with it?’, think instead, ‘What wouldn’t I do with it?’

2. Customize Your Van to Your Own Needs

The next advantage of having all that space is that you can easily switch up your van’s interior to your own specific taste. Unlike with an SUV or other family car, you’re not stuck with whatever the manufacturer thought best. Instead, you’re free to adjust everything until it matches your tastes.

Want wood paneling? Put it in. Like plants? Green it up. Want to turn your new vehicle into a kind of mobile art gallery? Hang up a few Picassos and hit the road, my friend. The possibilities never end!

3.  Living Space, Work Space

A third advantage of a van’s versatility is that it can operate both as a space to live in and a space to work in. If you’re out and about in a van and need to get some work done on your laptop, you can easily set up shop in the back and complete your tasks without missing a single beat in your day.

In many ways, a van can operate as a kind of second home: a space for work and play that switches seamlessly between the two.

A Van for All Seasons

And there you go, our top 3 benefits for those about to buy a van. Whether you’re picking up a modest, second-hand little van or a plush, ultra-modern thing, all the same benefits still apply. You really can’t go wrong.

And let’s be honest, there are way more benefits than just these three!

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