How to Choose the Best RV Extended Warranty for You: A Guide

How to Choose the Best RV Extended Warranty for You: A Guide

Buying an RV gives you and your family all the freedom in the world to explore this great country of ours.

With a quality RV, however, comes a lot of responsibility. You need to learn a lot about how to live on the road, not to mention vehicle maintenance and care. One thing that you need to think about before you buy your RV is how to find this best RV extended warranty.

In this post, we’re going to give you a few tips on how to do this so you can get out on the road and start living the dream.


Why You Need the Best RV Extended Warranty

An extended RV warranty isn’t something you have to purchase for your new RV, but depending on how much you’re using it, it’s advisable to get one. There are a lot of components to an RV and when they need fixing, you can save thousands of dollars by having a warranty that covers you.

As a specialty automobile, even basic RV repairs can be a lot more costly than those for a car, truck, or van. When you factor in the coach part of your RV – the AC, refrigeration, electrical, etc., which normal auto mechanics won’t touch because they aren’t qualified, it’s a lot more. An RV extended warranty will ensure that you aren’t spending a fortune on repairs.

What Is Covered?

Every RV extended warranty company will have limits on what they’ll cover. Usually, this has to do with the age of the vehicle and/or the number of miles on it already. You can shop around to find out what different warranties do and don’t cover.

Beyond the basics, each company will offer different plans depending on your specific RV’ing needs. A more basic plan might include coverage for the axle, engine, and transmission parts, while a more expensive one might cover almost everything in your RV. When you’re picking and choosing what you want to be covered, it’s called “inclusionary”, and when you want everything covered, it’s called “exclusionary”.

Look at what your needs are and how much you can afford, then start comparing different RV extended warranty companies’ plans.

RV Extended Warranty Companies

Firstly, a dealership may offer you an extended warranty when you purchase your RV, but this isn’t necessarily the best way to go. Companies like America’s RV Warranty, Eagle Vision, Good Sam Extended Service Plan, and this extended warranty for RVs all offer various plans that could suit any RV owner’s needs.

You simply need to look at what each company offers and make a decision based on what you think you need. It’s an easy process that can seem more daunting than it is but will save you loads of money in the long run.

Get the Extended Warranty That Suits You

Once you’ve got your dream RV and the best RV extended warranty for your needs, you can finally start enjoying your recreational vehicle. Having an RV will bring your vacation to new heights, but you need a great warranty to cover you if anything goes wrong. If you’ve got that, you’ll always feel safe, no matter where your RV takes you.

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