5 Exquisite Lawn Edging Ideas That Will Transform Your Lawn

5 Exquisite Lawn Edging Ideas That Will Transform Your Lawn

Your yard is a place you should be able to sit back and relax. As spring rolls in, it’s time to put in the work to make your yard look beautiful for the summer.

You might look at your current landscaping situation and feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are lots of different ways to clean up the look of your yard.

One of the most effective ways to improve your yard is by finding the best lawn edging ideas. Straightening out the edges of your lawn and flower beds is an easy way to make your yard look more professional.

For a look into a few of the best lawn edging materials for your garden, keep reading.


1. Framing with Bricks

A simple way to clean up your landscaping is to line the edges of your gardens with brick. You can stack them at an angle to create a pattern along the lawn edge, or you can lay them flat.

Bricks can add a bit of color and frame off gardens with a simple but strong outline.

2. Cleaned Up Deck Edge

For the edge of your porch or pool deck, consider creating a moat of river stones. By using different colored stones, you can create contrast with the colors of your deck and grass.

This lawn edging method doesn’t take a lot of precision, but can still create a clean separation between the end of your deck and your lawn.

If the grass next to your deck is looking a little brown and dull, consider installing new sod. It is one more way you can bring some vibrance and life back to your yard, and ISR Gardening Inc is here to help.

3. Uncut Stones

Uncut boulders of different sizes can line your gardens and be used as decorative landscaping pieces on their own.

Consider planting bright flowers around the base of a tree and collecting a few uncut stones around the flowers. The naturally muted tone of the rocks will help the flowers to stand out even more.

4. Decorative Fencing

Maybe you’re not sure if you want to hire a landscape architect to design flower bed layouts and arrange stone decor around your yard. A quality and simple replacement you can use is decorative fencing.

This fencing comes in a variety of patterns and can be easily inserted along the edges of your garden. 

5. Natural Logs for Flower Beds

If you want a more woodsy appearance for your landscaping design, natural wood logs are a great way to square off a raised flower bed. The wood logs will add a softness to the appearance of your yard.

Variety of Lawn Edging Ideas

Although there are lots of different lawn edging ideas for every kind of garden, make sure you find the one that’s best for your yard. A cohesive and cleaned-up garden can transform a once messy yard into a calm oasis.

If you’re feeling the spring cleaning itch to start working on other long-overdue projects, check out our page for more great advice for your home.

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