How Much Does It Normally Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring?

How Much Does It Normally Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring?

When you can see the worn path through your home, it’s time to replace the flooring. The choices are endless for flooring these days, from carpet to wood and now vinyl.

You might be surprised to hear that vinyl flooring works in just about any room in a home.

Vinyl flooring is not the linoleum that your grandma had in her kitchen. Rather, it’s a durable flooring, resistant to moisture, and made in various patterns and colors. 

Keep reading to learn about the benefits and costs of installing vinyl flooring. 

What is the cost to install vinyl flooring? 


Cost to Install Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring comes in sheet form and plank form. The style of flooring you select will affect the cost of the vinyl flooring installation. 

The finish, style, thickness, and installation methods also play into the wide range of vinyl flooring costs. 

Vinyl flooring cost ranges from $1 a square foot for sheet vinyl to $12 a square foot for luxury vinyl planks. With installation, you should plan on paying between $2 and $14 per square foot. 

As you look into the styles of vinyl flooring, see more here. You’ll find that sheet vinyl and plank vinyl both have attractive features, some made to look like a wood plank floor and others like a marble floor. You can still achieve a luxury look for a lower price. 

Consider These Factors

In addition to the flooring and installation, you may end up paying a contractor for preparation. Consider the following elements and tasks. 

Installation Pattern

If you want a traditional left-to-right pattern of planks, then your cost will be minimal. However, some people opt for a more elaborate pattern, such as a diagonal laying or maybe a center focal point of planks and designs. In such cases as these, expect to pay more. 

The cost of the materials will stay the same, but labor costs will increase. 

Floor Preparation

If you have a room full of furniture, you will need to have it moved. If you’re able, move the furniture on your own to cut down your costs. Otherwise, installers will charge extra for the extra heavy lifting. 

Also, sometimes an installer will be able to install the new vinyl flooring over existing flooring. However, if you have an uneven floor or compromised old flooring, the installer will need to remove the old flooring. If you feel qualified to remove it, then do so. 

If your floor is warped at all, then installers will need to sand and level out the floor. This will also cost you more, but the cost is worth the product. You’d hate to have a new vinyl floor on an uneven surface. 

Finally, you will want the room trimmed out. If you opt for new trim to match your new floor, plan on your costs to increase. Molding and transitions cost a little more but also create a finished look that you want. 

Vinyl Quality

Vinyl varies in cost because it varies in quality. More expensive vinyl typically means a thicker, longer-wearing vinyl. Plus, luxury vinyl planks will cost more than a sheet of vinyl. 

Vinyl For the Win

As you can see, the cost to install vinyl flooring varies depending on the style of vinyl you choose from the floor prep needed before installation. 

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