5 Signs Your Property May Need Masonry Repair

5 Signs Your Property May Need Masonry Repair

Which home improvement projects increase property value in 2021? 

Home renovations like finishing a basement or opening up the floor plan get you a decent return on your investment, but what about brick repair or stone repair? These don’t come to mind when thinking about upgrading your home. 

If you have stone or concrete as part of your home, masonry repair is very common, but it’s more of a necessary expense than an upgrade. Keep reading to learn the 5 signs your property may need masonry repair.


1. Cracks

Cracks in the corners or in your masonry walls are sure-fire signs that your masonry needs repairing. Vertical cracks are fairly common and normal as a result of natural expansion.

The problem occurs when heavy rains cause water to seep in and damage interior walls or lead to bulging in the bricks or stone. Look over your masonry and pay attention to cracks or crumbling to assess the extent of the problem. 

2. Missing or Detiorating Mortar 

Mortar has a purpose. It’s a buffer between the bricks. When it starts to buckle, crumble or disintegrate, the bricks will loosen and rub against each other. Gaps become a real problem because they weaken the entire structure. 

When you notice this happening, it’s not an immediate concern, but needs to be addressed before it becomes a bigger problem. 

3. Bowing 

Are the bricks on your structure withering over time? Are they changing shape from pressure, wind, and rain or snow? When precipitation seeps through cracks and openings, bricks and other masonry work tend to bow. 

Moisture behind the bricks is a big concern and should be repaired in a timely manner. 

4. Interior Damage

Damage to your masonry is sometimes caused by problems inside the home like a leaking or broken pipe. Conversely, if you notice cracks in your interior walls, it could mean your foundation needs some masonry repair. 

5. Efflorescence

Soluble salts rise through concrete and out the porous material to stain your masonry work. This is called efflorescence. Cooler temperatures and moist conditions like rain and dew result in this natural phenomenon. 

Stay on top of staining using a pressure washer and it will keep the stains at bay. If you let it go too long, it’s necessary to employ a mason to take care of the problem with special chemicals. 

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Is Your Property in Need of Masonry Repair? 

When it comes to property renovations, masonry repair is more a must-do than a let’s do. Neglecting things like chimney repair and structural cracks will lead to lower property value and possibly dangerous situations. Find a professional to take care of the repairs your property needs.

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