5 Types of Face Mask and Tips on Wearing Them

5 Types of Face Mask and Tips on Wearing Them

While we are still learning more about the virus with every passing second, we know enough to set some necessary safety measures. These safety measures can help you protect yourself, your family, friends, and everyone you come into contact with. The first safety measure we all must take on is to wear a face mask in public. This is followed by maintaining a safe distance from others, washing your hands using soap and water, or using a hand sanitizer that carries more than 60% alcohol.


Why Wear A Face Mask?

When you are in a public place, it’s best to keep your face covered at all times. A single droplet of coronavirus can infect you and the endless humans that come into contact with you. It’s a domino effect that only requires one push to cause a catastrophe. 

Wearing a face mask can reduce your chance of getting infected and you infecting other people. When you have a face mask on the respiratory droplets, particles are contained within your area—preventing the germs from spreading at all costs.

Right Way To Wear A Face Mask

The only way to wear a face mask is by making sure it covers everything from the bridge of your nose and tucks away neatly under your chin. Moreover, it’s ideal to wear a mask that fits you well and does not require you to touch or pull at your mask every few minutes.

Best Types of Face Masks

Start by looking for a face mask that offers at least two layers of fabric coverage. Covering your mouth and nose is without a large gap. Paired with ear loops or ties that enable you to secure them in place. 

It’s best for people who wear glasses to wear a mask that comes with a bendable border for your nose area—molding the mask over your nose bridge, preventing the glasses from fogging.

5 Types Of Masks 

  • Certified N95 Masks
  • N99 Masks
  • N100 Masks
  • Surgical Masks
  • Cloth Masks

Covering your face with a cloth does not prevent covid and can cause you a great deal of distress. So why not use a mask that offers you the care and prevention you need.

Face Mask Safety Tips

  • Start by washing your hands, and then touch or put your mask on. Similarly, when you take your mask off, rewash your hands. 
  • Make sure the inner surface of your mask does not come into contact with even a single touch. A single infected droplet can cause covid or even spread other viral diseases. 
  • It’s best to deal with your mask using the ear loops or ties found on the mask. This way, you won’t touch the mask’s main area when you place it on and take it off. 
  • Make sure the face mask you are using secures snugly over your nose and rests right below your chin. Creating an effective barrier to keep contagious droplets out, and holding your germs in place in case you have Covid.
  • Always wash and sanitize your reusable masks correctly before using them again. It’s best to use a laundry detergent and store them in a paper bag in a warm and dry place for two days before reusing them.
  • Avoid touching your mask while it’s on your face, as a single pull to tug can push you towards coronavirus. Keeping your mask on at all times is the only way to keep yourself safe.
  • Reusing surgical masks or respiratory masks is tricky. This is why we suggest you place it inside a breathable container for at least seven days to ensure the virus is no longer infectious. 

Final Thoughts

Mask, for some reason, has been a source of controversy for many this year. However, it is my opinion only a small sacrifice to make to help save lives, including possibly your own. Whatever mask you decide on, make sure to stock up, Cause they may be part of all of our lives from now on.

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