Florida Man August 19 Shoves Steaks Down His Pants

Florida Man August 19 Shoves Steaks Down His Pants

Florida Man is back again. Today we are going to look at Florida Man stories from August 19th. If this is your birthday, you might want to think twice before reading this. You never know what you will find when it comes to the wild and exotic Florida Man. For those that think they are brave enough, keep reading.

Florida Man August 19, 2019: The Pants Steaks

Florida Man August 19 starts off with quite a feet. In St. Augustine, a Florida Man decided he was going to increase his waist line at Publix. But not by eating.

When he thought it was safe to do so, Florida Man took two packs of steak from Publix and shoved them down his pants. The total of Florida Man’s new fashion statement came out to over $50. Turns out Florida Man wasn’t good at judging when it was safe to stick his bounty down his pants. All of it was caught on surveillance cameras and he was caught.

August 19th, 2019: Florida Man and the Jogging Sword

There are few things scarier than Florida Man having a gun. We would have to say that Florida Man armed with a sword is one of those few things. At first, a random jogger thought that a man was coming at him with a red stick but as Florida Man closed the distance, it ended up being something much more deadly. A sword.

Why was Florida Man coming at the random jogger? The jogger was looking through a pile of trash left on an empty property. Florida Man ended up being interested in the trash too. He followed the jogger home and on the way, he decided to start a fight over a piece of the trash that the jogger had laid claim to. The two fought and Florida Man decided his sword would be a good tool for the fight.

By the time the altercation had started though, the jogger was at his home and everything was caught on his surveillance system. Florida Man decided to leave when he noticed that he was on camera. That was when the jogger screwed up though, he left his claimed trash outside for a minute and a woman came and took it. Authorities believe that the woman is connected to Florida Man. She could possibly be the female Florida Man in this case.

August 19th, 2020: The Random Killing

Florida Man isn’t always known for being that bright. This Florida Man received drugs for his birthday and was sent to the hospital after the drugs didn’t agree with him. Instead of going home after being released though, Florida Man had another plan.

His first stop was to break into a stranger’s house and stab them to death. The person he ended up killing was a well-known attorney in the county.

Florida Man was charged with murder and burglary. In a rare twist though, Florida Man was being held without bond. For some reason, Florida Man usually gets out on bond but not this time.

Final Thoughts

The world is a crazy place but Florida is something else. Sticking steak down your pants is something only a Florida man would do. Also, can you imagine getting sworded when you were just jogging and were just looking through a pile of trash? It’s pretty wild. If you like this article, make sure to check out my other Florida Man stories.

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