7 Benefits of Using a Office Cleaning Services

7 Benefits of Using a Office Cleaning Services

Business owners and their teams have more important things to do in the office than clean it. After all, a whopping 65% of new startups cease operations within 10 years. To avoid that fate, your focus has to be on satisfying customers and beating the competition, not mopping floors and scrubbing toilets!

That’s why we recommend outsourcing this time-consuming, arduous task to professional office cleaning services instead. Want to find out how you stand to gain? Check out these 7 benefits of hiring commercial cleaners to keep your office neat, tidy, and germ-free throughout the year.


1. Safer Working Environment

We live in a world of COVID-19. The result? People are more concerned than ever before about eradicating bacteria and dirty surfaces.

And rightly so! Whether it’s at home or the office, keeping everything germ-free is an important way to prevent the spread of infection. Throw in your responsibility as an employer to provide a safe working environment for your employees and there are clear incentives (from a wellbeing standpoint) to cleaning your office both thoroughly and on a regular basis.

This is where hiring professionals that offer services for office cleaning in Surrey, BC, can help assist. With their professional training, years of experience, and first-rate equipment at their disposal. Those attributes mean they can clean, sanitize, and disinfect everything in your office to the highest possible standard.

2. Newfound Employee Satisfaction

Imagine having to work in an office that you know hasn’t been cleaned properly in weeks. Whether you can see tangible signs of dirt or not, you’d feel uncomfortable about touching surfaces or breathing the dusty air.

It’d be distracting and unsettling. You might even begin to think that your employer doesn’t care about your welfare.

Now contrast that with a spotless workplace…

With disinfected surfaces and no grime in view, you’d worry less about viruses and more about your primary responsibilities! You’d feel happier to come to work each day and thankful that your boss was making the effort to provide a safe space.

3. Newfound Employee Productivity

What happens when your employees feel focused and happy in the office? They work harder and for longer, increasing overall output as a result. Of course, your team will be breathing cleaner air and coming into less contact with bacteria each day too.

That should stop them from getting sick and having to take as much time off.

All told, hiring office cleaning services is good for business! You can see it as an investment. The support isn’t free (or even cheap), but it’ll have a direct impact on productivity that will drive revenue and increase profit margins in the long run.

4. Better Branding and Professional Image

Imagine two offices situated in the same part of town. One of them is modern, sweet-smelling, and sparkling clean. The other’s dirty, dusty, stinking, and stained.

Which one enjoys the better image in their industry? Which one invites compliments from visitors? And which one inspires a sense of positivity and trust in its customers?

Office number one, of course!

Trust us, cleanliness and first-impressions go hand in hand- especially nowadays, due to the pandemic. A clean office looks and feels amazing. So anyone who swings by (whether it’s a would-be client, customer, or partner) will judge your brand with newfound favor and be more willing to work with you thereafter.

Sound good? Hire professional cleaners. They’ll help you achieve the best results.

5. Attract Awesome Candidates

Want to be known as an employer who cares for their staff? Sure you do! Not only does it create a positive culture in the office, but it’ll also entice top talent through the door.

Think back to the two different offices in our previous point about cleanliness and your professional image…

The cleaner, shinier, and better-smelling space wouldn’t just endear you to prospective partners and/or clients. It’d be more attractive to gifted, ambitious, and hard-working job applicants as well. That’s a big deal when you consider the level of competition there is for high-caliber candidates!

6. Impressive Maintenance Advantages

Competent cleaning’s a core part of keeping any office space in good condition. Consider your carpets, furniture, shelving units, and blinds, for example. Failing to clean them enough can lead to all sorts of nasty developments, such as stains, breakages, and ingrained dirt.

Leave it any longer and pests and toxic mold might even set up shop! It goes without saying that any of these scenarios are best avoided. In this way, remember that prevention’s always better than cure.

Using a green cleaning service to keep everything dirt-free, tidy, and sanitary will stop such negative outcomes from eventuating. By tackling these issues before they occur, you’ll save yourself time, energy, and money down the line.

7. Valuable Time-Saving

Time is of the essence when you’re starting and/or running a business. You’ve got a million tasks on your to-do list, all of which have a role in growing the operation. Ask yourself:

Do you really have the time or inclination required for cleaning your commercial building too?

Probably not! And nor do your employees- all of whom are in a similar position.

Hiring commercial services is a way to tackle this predicament without taking up any of your invaluable time. They handle the cleaning so you don’t have to! Even better, they can work around your schedule, performing their duties outside of office hours.

Remember the Benefits of Office Cleaning Services

Cleaning the office is like doing the dishes. You know you have to do it, but never want to! Furthermore, in a business context, you may lack the time to do a reasonable job anyway.

…And that’s bad news given the current risk of COVID-19.

Know the struggle and need a solution? Do yourself a favor and hire professional office cleaning services for the task! With any luck, the benefits that we’ve covered in this article demonstrate why these companies make such a positive difference.

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