7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Privacy Glass Film for an Upgraded Space

7 Reasons Why Your Office Needs Privacy Glass Film for an Upgraded Space

With vaccines hitting arms across the world and employee/consumer confidence bolstering, millions are planning on heading back to the office sometime this year. When they do, what sort of condition will your office space be in?

If you’ve been dragging your feet on giving your place of work a much-needed facelift during its downtime, one augmentation we recommend you not skimp on is privacy glass film. After all, as data security becomes increasingly important in today’s day in age, we’re seeing more companies invest in privacy film for security advantages, and more.

Not sure if picking up commercial grade window tint for your office is worth it? Keep reading to learn all of the unique advantages a small investment can bring to your office.


1. Fewer Distractions

When people from the street can peek into your office building because you don’t have privacy glass obscuring their view, they’ll definitely jump at the chance. Think about what that does to employee productivity.

If your building is located on a busy street, pedestrians spending all day staring at employees through windows and making eye contact at the very least put small dents in a worker’s ability to stay productive. Over the course of a year, those small dents could equal hours of work lost.

Looking at a privacy glass film investment through the lens of reducing distractions alone and, consequently, getting that productivity time back more than pays for the upfront cost of tinting your windows.

2. Better Insulation

When less sunlight makes its way into your building, less heat transfers through your windows. That’s great news if you are responsible for your office’s electricity bills.

It can cost office buildings thousands of dollars to power commercial cooling units through hot summers. Armed with commercial window privacy film, you can cut that bill down significantly.

And let’s say that you don’t pay your office building’s utilities. Even then, rather than concerning yourself with expenses, you could concern yourself with the environment. The less commercial cooling has to run in your building, no matter who’s paying for it, the better off the planet will be.

3. Improved Security

When people think of privacy glass film and the protection it provides, most think of concealing spaces from probing eyes. What a lot of people don’t know is that window film also conceals spaces from forced entry.

Commercial window film is an additional layer of coverage that’s put over your window’s glass panes and is tough to tear. So, if someone were to attempt to shatter your window to get into your office, while certainly not infallible, your window tint would make things much more difficult.

If you want to lean on your commercial window film’s physical security benefit heavily, consider asking for a thicker tint or a tint made from a tear-proof material.

4. Enhanced Data Privacy

We all know that exercising proper data privacy is important when managing our digital lives. Much of the measures we adopt to that end, though, have to do with our internet habits, malware scrubs, and so forth.

Did you know that one of the most vulnerable places data can be is up on a computer screen or laying on a desk? Therein lies another benefit of privacy glass film.

Getting your windows filmed prevents people from peeking into your office and potentially seeing sensitive data, recording, and re-communicating it. It can also create privacy between people working in your office if such privacy is needed and if offices have hallway-facing windows.

5. Uniform Look From The Street

How does your office building make your community look? If all of your employees that have offices have messes on their window sills and desks, probably not very good.

Privacy glass film makes messy offices virtually invisible from the street. It also gives your windows a uniform look that’ll help your community appear nicer.

Better-looking communities inspire more businesses to open up shop, which, in turn, attracts customers and higher-quality labor. Those are all benefits you should be invested in attracting.

6. Protection for Furniture

The sun’s rays seeping into your office don’t only hurt your building’s internal temperature. It can also wreak havoc on your furniture.

Furniture materials like leather can begin to fade and erode with regular sun exposure. With window film cutting down on the amount of UVs that make their way into your building, you could easily be buying your furniture years of additional life, which could save you thousands of dollars on repairs and replacements.

7. Better Employee Comfort

We’ve gone over a handful of excellent reasons why it makes sense to invest in commercial window tint film. Many of those reasons meld together to give us yet another benefit, which is creating a more comfortable environment for your employees to work in.

Whether it’s reducing distractions or exposure to heat, the happier your employer is, the harder they’ll work and the lower turnover will be. If those sound like ends you’d like to pursue, invest in privacy film!

Your Privacy Glass Film Could Be Installed Today

By now, you have a great idea of all the incredible benefits privacy glass film can bring to an updated office. To make the deal even sweeter, know that in several markets, there are tint installers that can perform your building’s tint upgrades on the very same day you order them.

With that in mind, there are few barriers to you picking up the phone, getting a quote, and taking your space to the next level.

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