7 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

7 Tips for Selling Your Home Fast

Your home sitting on the market can cause stress and a potentially bad outcome for the seller. The longer your home sits, the harder it is to get the best price.

With your home sitting on the market, it can delay your timeline of moving out. Or, if you do move into a new home, you may end up paying two mortgages. A quick home sale is in the best interest of everyone involved.

So how do you get your house off the market? Here are seven tips for selling your home fast.


1. Depersonalize and Declutter

This may be hard to hear, but buyers don’t want to see your personal belongings in your home. That means photos of your family, drawings your kids have made, and specific design choices like brightly colored walls.

Potential buyers want to see themselves in the space they’re looking at. They want to see their own kids running through the house or hosting their families on holidays. All of your personal items can block the buyer’s imagination.

To get your home to sell quickly, buyers need to see a clean slate. Pack up personal belongings and declutter everything but the essentials. A buyer will fall in love with your home if they’re able to imagine themselves living there.

2. Stage Your Spaces

While buyers don’t want to see your personal belongings throughout your home, they also don’t want to see an empty house. It’s been shown that buyers are drawn more to homes that are staged with furniture.

Staging allows buyers to see the way the rooms in your home can look. This process can help buyers imagine how to break up a large, open space or how to lay out a bedroom.

Hire a staging company to present your space in the most appealing ways possible. Realtors report that staged homes, on average, decrease the amount of time on the market. Staging can also raise the price of your offers.

3. Repair and Update

If you want to sell your home quickly, you need to make it attractive to potential buyers. When buying a new house, people are naturally attracted to the properties that stand out.

One way your home can shine is to reduce the need to repair and update the property. Turnkey homes are the preferred option for busy buyers who don’t want to oversee repairs or make updates to the house.

Make sure major systems like plumbing and electrical are up-to-date. New roofs and a fresh coat of paint are both big draws for potential buyers. Updated kitchens and bathrooms always have buyers paying top dollar.

4. Take Quality Photos and Videos

Selling your home often comes down to marketing, and marketing is all about putting the best image forward. Many buyers begin their home search online. Your home has to look good enough in photos to get them to see it in person.

Invest in quality photos and videos of your home to put on your listing. Professional-grade photos are a must if you want your listing to catch people’s eyes. Hire a real estate photographer to get the best photos of your home.

You can also hire a videographer to create a video tour inside and outside of your house. Be sure to feature amenities, the yard, and the view from the street. Aerial and drone footage can also make your home stand out.

5. Time It Right

Much of the home buying process is about the right timing. The housing market fluctuates throughout the year, and understanding those ebbs and flows can help you get the best price.

In general, there are more homebuyers in the spring than there are in the fall and winter. This doesn’t mean you won’t sell a home in the colder months, but you may find more success if you hold out for a few months.

Listing your home in February can help you take advantage of the increased buyer activity. Hire a professional realtor to help you develop a strategy to get you a quick and profitable sale.

6. Consider a Cash Buyer

Investors are always looking for properties to buy. They’re also known as a cash home buyer for their ability to purchase your home in all cash in half as much time as a typical home selling process.

With a cash buyer, you can also avoid making repairs or updates because investors often want to flip the home for a profit. You also won’t have to have the extra costs of staging and high-quality images.

In addition, you won’t have to deal with showings. However, cash offers are often much lower than if you put your home on the market. This unconventional method is great if you want the property off your hands.

7. Ask for Feedback

This is one tip that many sellers don’t immediately consider. Sometimes, the agents of potential buyers will contact your realtor after a showing to pass on what their clients thought of your property.

This feedback can be good or bad, but both can be a real help for a seller. Hearing what buyers are saying about your home will help you understand what you’re doing right and wrong.

Ask your realtor to follow up with buyers’ agents after the showings. Get their opinions on the property, both positive and negative. If there’s something that multiple buyers bring up—good or bad—you know to keep it or fix it.

Selling Your Home Fast the Right Way

When homes sit on the market for long periods of time, the price often falls much lower than asking. If you’re trying to sell your home, you want to get the best price you can, so you need to sell it as soon as possible.

That often means putting in a little extra effort to make your home more enticing. 

Selling your home fast doesn’t have to be a hassle. With these seven tips, your home will be off the market in no time.

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