How to practice mindfulness

How to practice mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness is the art of creating space for yourself. Using mindfulness techniques is an excellent way to reduce your stress and bring more peace and joy into your daily life.

There are many health benefits to practicing mindfulness and reasons why you should make it part of your self-care routine. You’ll soon notice that you feel better and life isn’t so stressful and chaotic. Learning to slow down and enjoy your days is a great step in the process of you living a healthier and more rewarding lifestyle.


Begin Your Day with A Purpose

One way to practice mindfulness is to wake up mindfully. You can start your day with a purpose and intention. You’ll be able to make more conscious-driven decisions throughout your day when you’re fully aware. Do it first thing when you wake up before checking your email or phone. Not only set your intention right away but then check in with yourself throughout the day to see how you’re doing.

Mindful Eating

Another way to practice mindfulness is through your eating. Reduce it to the particular sensations that come with eating food such as biting, chewing, and swallowing. Eating becomes a far richer and more enjoyable experience when you slow down and take pleasure in it. You may also find that you eat less and feel fuller faster when you take your time and might end up losing unwanted pounds. Go slow and breathe before eating, listen to your body, and eat because you’re hungry. Relax and digest and savor each bite for a more mindful mealtime. You can apply the same practice to your workouts as well.

Mindful Pause

You may also find that you don’t stop much throughout your day to reflect and regroup. The mindful pause can rewire your brain for the better. You may be rushing around on autopilot most days and get home at night not remembering much of what you did. Mindfulness practice in your daily life is the opposite of autopilot and is instead a slow brain. It’ll require some practice but soon you’ll be on your way to making intentional actions, using willpower, and being more accountable for and in control of your decisions.

What to Keep in Mind

There are a few tips to keep in mind as you learn to practice mindfulness that you should know. The good news is that you don’t need to buy anything to get started. All you need is some time and space to practice it. Your goal isn’t to necessarily quiet your mind but to pay attention in the present moment without judgment. Your mind will wander and you may experience some judgments trying to take over. This is all normal. What matters the most is that you’re able to return your attention to the present moment time and time again.


Mindfulness practice will help you slow down and enjoy your life more. You’ll likely find your days to be less hectic and frantic and more pleasurable. It’s a chance to create new patterns of thinking and get back in the driver’s seat of your life.  

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