How To Save Big On Your Next Flight

How To Save Big On Your Next Flight

Flying isn’t cheap most of the time. When it comes time to plan your flight you want to be able to save as much money as possible. But how do you go about saving money? There are a good number of ways that you can save money. Take a look at these savings tips.


Start Looking Early

For those that know they are going to be traveling early, you can get some of the best deals when you start watching prices early. You will want to make the purchase before prices start rising and before seats start selling out. Some travel websites will show you the average price of the ticket so that you can know if you are getting a good price.

Six weeks in advance or more save you the most money, so book before that six-week mark if you can.

Flexibility Saves

Being flexible with your travel dates is the best way to save you money. The days you travel on as well as the dates themselves matter when it comes to prices. Airlines change their prices due to demand and the need to fill seats. Try various combinations of travel days to help find the best price available.

Some third-party booking sites now allow you to select how flexible you are with your travel dates. When you select this, you will see cheaper routes/dates if yours is not the cheapest.

Book The Right Seat

The seat that you choose can make a difference in your price. For those who have bags that they want to guarantee storage for in the upper bins, sitting in the back of the plane can help to ensure that you get a spot (the majority of airlines book from the back forward). And if you want to have extra legroom without upgrading your seat, choose an exit row. Exit rows don’t have storage in front of the seat but they are also spaced further apart than a traditional seat in a regular class.

Check Multiple Sites

Before you purchase any airline ticket you will want to check multiple travel sites. No one site consistently offers the best prices. Prices vary by the website that you use to book. Don’t forget to check airline websites too as tickets are still sold directly from airlines. Look through every option you have and compare the prices. But before you buy, read the next tip.

Call The Airline Directly

Many people don’t realize that you can still call the airline directly to get prices. When you call the airline, you can often get discounts that aren’t publicized. There are also regular discounts that aren’t publicized such as reduced fares for those who are traveling for certain reasons.

Sign Up For Travel Rewards

If you are a frequent traveler there is no reason to not sign up for a travel rewards program. Most airlines have a rewards program that you can use to get points and even booking agencies, such as, allows you to input these numbers to get credit for flights. In addition to the programs by airlines, many third-party booking sites offer their own rewards programs that you can sign up for. When you sign up for these you can get double the rewards that will allow you to save in the future.

Use Credit Cards For CashBack

Along the same lines as the above tip, you can use your credit card to save you money when you are booking air travel. When you use a credit card with cash back or other rewards you can purchase your tickets then pay your credit card off right away. This allows you to add to the money you get back from flying.

Final Thoughts

Use these tips to maximize the savings you get the next time you fly. If you utilize them all effectively, you can save yourself hundreds of dollars on airfare. The most important one to remember is to act early as prices start rising quickly.

Now that you have these great money-saving tips let us know where you are going in the comments below. Is it going to be some wild nights in south Florida or maybe a ski trip in the Rockies? Either way, we want to hear about it.

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