<strong>Places to Buy Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business</strong>

Places to Buy Custom Shipping Boxes for Your Business

Businesses today have a greater need for secure packaging than ever before. Whether you’re selling your products online or at physical retail locations, it’s essential that your shipments arrive in perfect condition. Even if you’re not selling your products online, it’s still beneficial to use custom shipping boxes whenever possible. Custom shipping boxes are also useful for businesses with an e-commerce presence. These days, almost everyone uses some type of digital marketplace to sell their goods. If your items aren’t arriving in perfect condition and are being returned left and right, it’s likely because they haven’t been packaged well enough for delivery through the postal system. With that in mind, here are some of the best places on earth for custom shipping boxes for sale.



GoBox is the premier manufacturer and distributor of custom shipping boxes in the United States. Offering a wide variety of sizes and custom options, GoBox boxes are ideal for almost any type of shipping. Aside from boxes, the company also offers a variety of other shipping solutions, including crated and kraft paper options. With a focus on fulfillment services, GoBox also offers a variety of packaging options for businesses with larger needs. The company also offers custom-printed boxes for many different industries, including medical, beauty, food, and more. For businesses that have a clear visual target market, printing custom shipping boxes on demand can be a great way to stand out from competitors.

Ship Naked

If you’re a small business owner that sells almost exclusively online, you’ll benefit a great deal from shipping boxes that are “naked.” “Naked” boxes don’t come with any type of packaging whatsoever, which means the only thing separating your products from the elements is a plastic bag. “Naked” shipping is a great way to save money, increase delivery speed, and reduce the amount of damage that is occurring in the shipping process. To make “naked” shipping even more attractive, many shipping companies offer a complimentary insurance option, which provides coverage for your items during delivery. While insurance can be helpful for larger, more established companies, it can be a huge benefit for those selling online.


If you have a store selling products online, Next Day Boxes from Boxeshop is an excellent option for you. With a wide variety of sizes, options, and custom printing, Boxeshop provides the perfect custom shipping solution for all of your shipping needs. The best part about using Boxeshop for your shipping needs, however, is the super low cost. Next Day Boxes are priced at just $1.95 and are available to ship across the entire continental United States. To make Next Day Shipping even more attractive, Boxeshop offers free insurance coverage on all orders. If a customer’s order is damaged during delivery, the company will cover the cost of replacing the items, up to $100.

Bottom line

Shipping containers might not be the most accessible way to ship products, but they do allow you to ship almost anything anywhere in the world. If you have a product that can be safely packed inside a shipping container, this may be the most cost-effective way to ship it. You can also find shipping containers for rent at sites. Ordering custom shipping boxes on demand from the above-mentioned companies can help save time and money for your business. If you have a unique product that benefits from protective packaging, it can be beneficial to get your hands on some custom shipping boxes.

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