Why You Need a Professional For Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Why You Need a Professional For Your Commercial Lighting Needs

Hiring a professional to handle your commercial lighting needs is the best way to protect yourself from costly repairs, increase the value of your building and reduce your liability. However, installing the lighting yourself is risky and can cause several issues that can cost you twice as much as hiring a professional. Here are some benefits of hiring a lighting professional:


Proper Lighting Affects Sales

Good retail lighting can draw the attention of potential customers to specific products and displays. In addition, proper lighting guides shoppers’ attention throughout the store and creates the psychological effect of appropriate moods. The commercial lighting supply company should prioritize efficient lumen output while considering factors like ceiling heights, accessibility to natural light, and other factors. They will also assist you in reaching your sales objectives.

Proper lighting makes shoppers feel more relaxed and comfortable, which leads to repeat purchases. Also, proper lighting helps draw attention to specific displays and products, which increases sales. Proper lighting is one of the first things a shopper notices when they enter a retail space. Moreover, proper lighting accentuates the beauty of products. Finally, proper lighting helps consumers fall in love with your products and encourages them to buy them.


Commercial lighting is a valuable part of any building’s security system. A well-lit entrance or exit deters criminals. However, these lights must remain lit to remain effective. Long-life LED bulbs are an excellent way to achieve this goal. Following these practices can help protect your facility and yourself from dangers. Therefore, commercial lighting control manufacturers must certify their products and services with security standards.

Employee Productivity

The effect of lighting on employee productivity can be attributed to several factors. Employees working in dim light are more likely to fall asleep and have lower productivity levels. In addition, improper lighting can cause employees to yawn, rub their eyes, and complain of tiredness. It is important to remember that humans spend over 90% of their waking hours indoors. The same holds for office workers, who spend 8 hours daily under artificial lighting. It is a significant amount of time and can positively or negatively impact employee productivity. When employees are working in a lighting environment that is well-designed and properly implemented, they can be more productive.

Studies have indicated that full-spectrum lighting improves employee health and increases productivity. In addition, retrofitting your workspace with recessed LED panels mimics natural light, which reduces fatigue and promotes increased concentration. Additionally, recessed LED panels are an excellent way to give your employees a choice in how much light they need, depending on their needs.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency for commercial lighting is an important aspect of any facility’s energy use, and the potential savings can be substantial. Lighting accounts for nearly $1 of every $3 spent on energy, so installing more energy-efficient lighting products can significantly reduce your company’s monthly lighting costs and increase profits. However, some business owners may be reluctant to switch due to the initial installation costs. Luckily, various rebate programs are available to help reduce these upfront costs.

While traditional light bulbs need to be switched out every few years, newer energy-efficient bulbs require no maintenance. They also last up to 50,000 hours and emit less heat and carbon dioxide. In addition, LEDs can be combined with other innovative systems to provide even more energy-efficient lighting. 

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