Should I Move to Edmonton?

Should I Move to Edmonton?

You enjoy the place where you’re staying now, but there are not enough job opportunities for your liking. It’s been almost impossible for you to get your career going. It might be time for you to find a new home. 

When you begin your search, consider living in Canada. Moving to Edmonton is a great start. The locals are friendly, if you have children, the school system will help them flourish, and there are plenty of jobs for you to apply to. 

Want to learn more living in Edmonton? We have an entire list of reasons why you should pack your bags. Keep reading to learn more.


The Locals are Friendly 

It’s not easy to settle into a larger city. The locals walk right by you so, you’ll be hardpressed to make new friends. It makes settling in a little overwhelming. 

You won’t have to worry about having this problem when moving to Edmonton. It’s a town that’s centered around community. The locals are bright and welcoming to tourists and new people alike. 

Cost of Living in Edmonton

Moving to Canada will save you a few dollars each month. You can rent a two-bedroom place with plenty of land for less than two thousand dollars, depending on the location. You can go here for additional information on finding a place to stay. 

Housing isn’t the only area where you’ll save some cash. You’ll have a lighter grocery bill, clothing your family will cost less, and a night out on the town won’t put a dent in your wallet. 

Work Opportunities 

Edmonton is known for its oil reserves, so there are plenty of jobs in the field that are ripe for the picking. The gas industry is also bustling. 

If neither of those is to your liking, that’s okay. You’ll also find careers in the medical field, as well as in government, education, and law. 


When moving to Edmonton, your child will be able to get ahead by attending some of the best secondary schools that Canada has to offer. If your child is college age, there are three institutions that they can apply to. 

McEwan has 65 programs that use a collaborative model. The University of Alberta has classes that revolve around health science, creative arts, and humanities. The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology offers hands-on learning in the sciences. 


If you enjoy being out in the sun, Edmonton is a great place to go. You’ll be able to sit out on your balcony and enjoy the great weather without dealing with a heavy amount of humidity. 

The only thing that you have to worry about is the cold. The snowfall is lighter than in other places in Canada, but snow is snow. The temperatures can drop down to -17 C or lower. 

Things to Do in Edmonton 

There are plenty of things to do in Edmonton. Between the malls, parks sporting events, and an almost unending number of festivals, you’ll never be bored. 

Head to the Mall

The West Edmonton Mall is the largest in North America. It contains over 800 stores. Not everyone goes to the mall for shopping, however.

There are theme parks in it, a water park, four movie theaters, a miniature golf course, and even an indoor ice rink. As you can see, there’s a little something for everyone.  

Take a Walk in the Park 

If you need a break from the big city life, head to The River Valley. It’s made up of twenty different parks. When the weather is nice, it’s the perfect place to do some hiking and camping. 

Snowy days turn the hills into the ultimate ski slopes and there are plenty of golf courses around for you to take part in. 


There are three major sports teams in Edmonton that the locals are proud of. There are also a bunch of junior sports clubs in the areas of soccer, football, and hockey that you can watch. 

If you want to play rather than view, there are clubs available that take in all kinds of people. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. 

Attend a Festival

Edmonton is also known as a festival city due to the number of events that take place there. No matter if you enjoy food, drama, and music. 

The largest event is the Fringe Theater Festival. It takes place over the course of days. It’s the longest-running festival in the area. 

Are There Any Cons of Moving? 

No place is completely perfect. There are some cons with moving to Edmonton. The weather isn’t everyone’s thing, the roads are always under construction, and there’s crime that you need to worry about. 


It’s always sunny in Edmonton, but if you don’t like the cold, then this isn’t the place for you. It snows often, which can be a deal-breaker for some people. 

Bad Infrastructure 

As you can imagine, all the snow takes its toll on the infrastructure. The roads are full of potholes. It can be pretty annoying if you’re a driver. 

The roads are almost always under construction. 


The crime rate is pretty high in Edmonton, which can be a problem for some people. We will say that most of the crime revolves around drugs. The general populous hardly ever becomes a target. 

Everything You Need to Know About Living in Canada

Are you looking for a place to stay that has plenty of job opportunities and friendly locals? Living in Canada will be right for you.

Edmonton may have a high crime rate and bad road infrastructure, but moving there can be worth it for the interesting things to do and amazing schools. Pack up your bags and call in the moving trucks today. 

Can’t quite make it all the way to Canada? Check out our blog to find places that are a little closer by. 

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