The Sauna Installation Cost Guide

The Sauna Installation Cost Guide

Saunas have been around since 2,000 B.C., but we still find plenty of uses for it in 2021. It’s a great way to improve your circulation and get rid of toxins from your body. 

But is it feasible to get one for your home? Should you even consider installing a sauna?

Luckily, the answer is yes! While sauna installation cost might seem intimidating, we’re here to give you the details, so you know exactly what to expect. 

Read on to find out more about home sauna installation and how much it costs.


Benefits of Owning a Sauna

But why should you install a sauna anyway?

Simply put, saunas improve your overall health and vitality. It improves circulation by increasing your heartbeat and opening up blood vessels. 

This partly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It can also supplement weight loss, as your increased heart rate can improve your metabolism and burn calories. 

Best of all, saunas reduce stress and improve your mental health. This topic is a whole can of worms, so click on this link to learn more about the mental benefits of saunas. 

Sauna Installation Cost and Its Factors

So how much does it cost to have a sauna installed?

All told, saunas cost between $2,000 and $5,000. However, the exact cost varies depending on a few factors. 

This includes the size of your sauna, the materials you use, where it’s located, and more. Let’s discuss some of those factors here:


Where you build your sauna affects other pertinent factors. If you’re building one indoors, you have to buy one based on the space available. 

The rule of thumb is that the bigger your sauna, the more it’ll cost to get the right materials. Getting the sauna inside your home might also add some costs. 

If you’re building a large and involved sauna, the time it’ll take to build it out will also cost you more.  


Speaking of materials, traditional saunas are built out of hemlock, cedar, or fir. People use other types of wood or might just ditch wood altogether. 

Some types of rocks are used to build saunas but aren’t as common. In any case, the type of material you choose will undoubtedly affect your final price. 


Most saunas are optimized for indoor use. If you’ve got a smaller bathroom, that’s going to affect your sauna’s size and materials. 

A bigger bathroom gives you a little more freedom. Better yet, building one outside provides a lot more leeway and can affect your costs in different ways. 

Traditional or Infrared

You might also opt for infrared saunas, which provide heat to your body much more efficiently than with wood. However, these saunas are usually more expensive.

Whether you go with the traditional wood build or opt for infrared depends on your personal preferences. 

Leverage Saunas For Your Home Today

Saunas provide plenty of health benefits and aren’t as out of your price range as you might expect. Use this guide to understand sauna installation cost factors and make the right purchase today. 

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