What’s the Cost of Living in Tampa FL?

What’s the Cost of Living in Tampa FL?

If you’re considering a move to or within Florida, you’re probably wondering what the cost of living in Tampa, FL is. With beautiful beaches, fantastic restaurants, and some of the best nightlife Florida has to offer, it’s no wonder living in Tampa Bay is extremely sought after. 

But how does living in Tampa compare to other parts of the country, and just how affordable is it?

To learn all about the cost of living in Tampa, FL and whether or not you can afford it, then keep reading. 

Cost of Living in Tampa, FL

Compared to the National Average, living in Tampa, FL is significantly cheaper. In fact, the cost of housing is 23% less than the National Average. Utilities, however, are 16% higher, and transportation is 6% higher. 

The cost of groceries is the same, and on average, the cost of Tampa Bay living is 5% lower than the National Average.

Breakdown of Expenses When Living in Tampa

When you look at the median price for homes and rent, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. The median home price in Tampa, FL is $266,843 and the median price of rent is around $835 monthly.

Since utility bills are higher, it’s best to understand the breakdown. Energy bills average around $195 a month and phone bills are about $208 a month. 

Gas is around $2.77 per gallon, so your monthly gas bill depends on how far you commute to and from work. 

When compared to the National Average, Healthcare is also lower in Tampa, FL. Healthcare expenses are 2% lower, for humans and pets. 

The average doctor’s visit costs about $109, dental visits average roughly $94, and the eye doctor charges close to $102 for an exam. 

Prescription drugs average at $434 and a vet visit is about $50, making the Tampa Bay cost of living attainable. 

Benefits of Living in Tampa, FL

Tampa, FL is an excellent place to live, especially if you are bilingual in English in Spanish. Industries such as shipping, healthcare, and finance dominate the area, so jobs are plentiful.

Living in Tampa also is more affordable than living in other parts of the state. Property taxes are around 2%, although you may have higher-than-normal HOA and flood fees to pay. 

Tampa is part of the Hillsborough County School District, providing you with access to an extensive network of K-12 schools. 

Aside from affordable homes, living in Tampa, Florida has beautiful weather all year round. The average temperature in the winter is 60 degrees, allowing you and your family to spend time enjoying the outdoors, all year long. 

Fort Desoto, Treasure Island, and St. Pete’s Beach are all within an hour’s drive and have activities for the entire family to enjoy. 

If you’re considering a move to Tampa, FL, then it’s important to work with a top-notch real estate professional such as Alex Plotkin, who knows the area and the housing market. 

Enjoy All Tampa Bay Has to Offer

If you’re looking for affordable homes within an hour from beaches, access to delectable cuisine, and beautiful weather all year long, then Tampa Bay living is for you. 

The cost of living in Tampa, FL is lower than the National Average and provides access to wonderful employment opportunities, along with fantastic schools. 

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