Florida Man August 2 – Hedgehog Hold Up

Florida Man August 2 – Hedgehog Hold Up

Florida man August 2 brings us two stories that show what Florida is about.  

If August 2 is your birthday, you will not want to miss these two.


Florida Man August 2: Homophobe Who Doesn’t Know How to Tip

In Florida, police arrested a Florida man for writing an anti-gay remark on his waiter’s receipt after dining at a local restaurant. 

After finishing their meal at Milagro on 12 Latin Kitchen in St. Augustine, Frederic Sterry Smith and a female companion left no tip. They wrote, “if [the waiter] wasn’t gay,” he would have tipped him on the bill. 

The restaurant manager confronted the man outside the establishment after receiving word that he had written a lewd remark on an employee’s receipt.

When confronted, the Florida man admitted to snatching the manager’s receipt, ripping it up, pushing her shirt open, and touching her breast as he shoved it down her shirt. 

The manager accused the attacker of assault as he fled in his car.

Onlookers immediately called the Police. When they arrived, they began to track Smith down. When confronted with the accusation, Smith denied the assault and homophobic remarks, becoming angry and verbally abusive to police. 

Smith and his female companion argue that they could do whatever they wanted.

On July 28, Police arrested Smith and charged him with misdemeanor battery. He was transferred to the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office jail and released on $500 bail.

Florida Man August 2

Florida Man August 2: The Hedgehog Dispute

On August 2 in Greenacres, Police arrested a Florida man and charged him with aggravated assault. The assault resulted from an argument over a hedgehog that led to an armed confrontation.

The incident began when police confronted the Florida man, identified as 53-year-old Homer Stacy II, as he pushed a wheelchair carrying a machete and baseball bat.

According to Stacy, they were there “for his protection.”

Deputies said Stacy went back and forth between being cooperative and aggressive. He made it difficult for officers to get the whole story.

Eventually, police learned Stacy was upset because his son left a hedgehog (yes, a hedgehog) in Stacy’s home.

When Stacy went to talk to his son, Stacy said that his son pushed him, eliciting an armed response. 

When deputies interviewed Stacy’s son, he informed them that his father had been consuming alcohol. He instructed him to “harm” a woman.

The son refused and said he would leave to see his mother. Stacy began shouting at him and slashing a door with a knife.

Stacy’s son said his father pushed him, so he snuck in later to grab his things, but Stacy had already left.

As he was leaving, he spotted Stacy outside, and the two began yelling at each other. Stacie pulled off his T-shirt, grabbed a baseball bat, and held it as though he intended to whack his son over the head with it.

Deputies note that as Stacy was sitting in the back seat of the deputy’s car, he saw his son and became furious, yelling and shouting through the window.

He threatened his son multiple times, saying that he would kill him.

Officers arrested Stacy on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of simple assault. He was held in jail Tuesday morning without bond.


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