4 Keen Ideas for an Ultimate Garage Makeover

4 Keen Ideas for an Ultimate Garage Makeover

Has your garage gone from looking amazing to…well, not so much? If this is the case, we can certainly tell you that you’re not alone.

Garages tend to be the most used compartment of almost every home and houses everything from our cars to our high school baseball caps. That said, after years of wear and tear, even the best garages start to look cluttered and run-down.

If this is what you’re currently dealing with, you may want to consider getting a garage makeover from professionals like The Smarter Garage. By getting a garage upgrade, you’ll be able to clean up your garage and have it looking new in no time. Read on to find out how you can get it done!


1. Lighting Is Everything

The first thing you’ll want to consider is added some new lighting. Good lighting makes any room look better, and it’ll do wonders for your own space.

The best light for your garage space would be an LED lightbulb. These lights are not only powerful, but they use only a fraction of the energy that other bulbs require. It’s a solid step in the right direction.

2. Make a Tool Wall

Every garage holds its fair share of tools, and there’s a good chance that these tools are lying about the place. You can fix this by adding a tool wall to organize and hold your tools in place.

There are plenty of different ways to approach this project. You can go the traditional route and place a board on the side of the wall with some nails for hanging items. Alternatively, you can add a magnet board to hang small metal items and keep them off of the floor.

3. Revamp the Floor

Perhaps the greatest way to clean up the garage is to redo the floor. Garage floors are made tough, but after many years of holding up tons of weight, they eventually start to fall apart. If you’re seeing cracks or dips on the floor, why not call up a professional for repairs?

A garage floor can easily be repaired in skillful hands. In fact, you can get epoxy flooring for garage doors to fix up the damaged and worn areas and have your floor look good as new!

4. Add Some Outlets

Do you have to constantly plug and unplug the tools you’re working with because you only have one socket? Now would be the time for you to add outlets to the garage for a major upgrade.

Outlets are very inexpensive, and in the hands of a professional, they’re easy to install. You’ll want to grab a few of them if you’re big on projects that call for plenty of juice!

Get Your Garage Makeover Now

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