5 Ways to Get Rid of House Dust

5 Ways to Get Rid of House Dust

Dust is the enemy of cleanliness in many homes. Sometimes, it may even feel like the dust multiplies no matter what you do. In a way, you’re right about that.

Dust is a combination of many things, such as dirt, pet dander, hair, skin cells, and even bacteria. Since you can’t do much about most of those things, you might rightly wonder how to get rid of house dust. While it might sound like you’re fighting a running and losing battle, don’t despair.

You can take some dust-fighting steps. Keep reading for five ways you can fight back against dust in your home.


1. Doormat

First up on the list of how to get rid of dust in your house tips is a doormat. A lot of the dust in your home really is dirt that people track in on their shoes.

A good doormat encourages people to scuff their feet at the door, even if it’s not wet outside. That simple action helps knock a lot of the dirt off their shoes.

2. Ditch Carpets

Carpets and rugs are double trouble when it comes to dust. The carpet itself becomes a source of dust as fibers in the carpet break off with use. It also becomes a harbor for dust that settles from the air.

Ditching your carpets eliminates both problems.

3. HVAC Filters

The filters in your HVAC system do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of filtering out dust. You can help the system with filters that remove smaller particles from the air.

You can also help with regular filter changes. You can simply buy new filters every month or you can invest in reusable air filters. You can learn more about this here.

4. Wash Your Bedding More Often

Another big entry on the how to get rid of dust particles tip list is a more frequent bedding washing schedule. Believe it or not, bedding can become a major offender in terms of dust. Since you and possibly your pets sleep there, it becomes a home for skin cells, human hair, pet hair, and pet dander.

Washing that bedding more often sends all of that down the drain rather than into the air.

5. Pet Grooming

While your average cat will sooner kill you than let you give them a bath, most dogs will put up with period baths. Not only will this make dogs smell better, but it will also keep their dander to a minimum.

Picking Strategies for How to Get Rid of House Dust

Picking strategies for how to get rid of house dust can seem complicated. The thing you should remember is that this is an ongoing effort. You don’t need every strategy all at once. 

Start with a basic thing, like getting a doormat. It’s a one-time thing. Then move on to periodic things like washing bedding more often, shampooing your dogs, and switching air filters. Save ditching carpets for when it’s time for new flooring.

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