7 Warning Signs That You Are in Need of an AC Repair

7 Warning Signs That You Are in Need of an AC Repair

A central air conditioning system generally lasts for around 20 years, give or take. During this time, a system might need some repairs. 

In some cases, it’s easy to know if a system needs repairs. In other cases, it’s a little more challenging to know. If you have a central AC system, you can guarantee that you will need some AC repairs at some point. 

Knowing the warning signs can help you avoid outages with your system. So, here are seven warning signs that can indicate your system needs repairs. If you find one or more of these issues, call in the professionals. To find one, simply Google “air conditioning repair in Salt Lake City, UT” or whichever area you live in. Now you can check out some reviews and find a provider near you.


1. Your System Turns Off and On Repeatedly

You will definitely want to call for AC repair services if your system turns on and off repeatedly. AC technicians call this short-cycling.

A system that short-cycles has problems, and it could be that the system has low coolant. It could also be due to airflow restrictions.

When a system does this, it turns on to produce cool air. When it encounters a problem cooling the air, it shuts off. It then senses that it needs to produce cool air, based on the thermostat reading, so it turns on again. 

A system will continue to short-cycle until you fix the problem. If your system does this, you should turn the thermostat to the “off” setting and wait for the technician to arrive to complete the repairs. 

2. You See Water Coming From It

Another warning sign to watch for is water coming from the system. While a small amount of water coming from a system is normal, a large amount is not. 

The water that leaks from a system is condensation. As mentioned, an AC system will have some condensation coming from it, but not a lot. 

When you see a lot of water by your system, it could indicate that a drain line has a clog in it. It can also indicate that the coolant is leaking. 

You can learn more about this issue by contacting this company. They can provide more details about the reasons a system might be leaking water. 

3. Your Home Never Gets as Cool as You Want

You’ll also want to contact an AC repair company if your home never reaches the temperature you desire. When you set your thermostat to a specific temperature, your AC system should run until it reaches this temperature.

If your system runs and runs but never cools your house, there is a problem. In many cases, a system will do this if the coolant is low. A system might also do this if there is an airflow problem. 

Other problems with the system might also cause your system to keep running without ever reaching the desired temperature. If you experience this issue, you’ll need repairs soon. 

If you wait too long, the system might stop cooling completely. You’ll end up with a hot, humid house if this happens. 

4. Your System Is Blowing Hot Air

You can also tell that your system isn’t working correctly if you have hot air coming from your vents. Your system shouldn’t be spreading hot air throughout your home. 

Several issues can lead to this problem, but the most likely one is that the system is low on coolant. The coolant in the system extracts heat from the air. When it’s low, it can’t complete this function.

As a result, the system will keep running but will only blow hot air. It won’t be able to cool the air until you add more coolant.

5. It Isn’t Blowing Much Air

When your system no longer blows as much air through the vents as it once did, you might also need HVAC services. When this issue occurs, the system will produce cold air and distribute it through the house. 

The flow of the air will not be as strong, though. As a result, you might have trouble keeping your house cool.

When you have this issue, it could be the result of a failing AC compressor. The compressor might not be able to force as much as through the system. As a result, you’ll have a restriction in airflow. 

You might also experience this problem from clogged air vents or ducts. When these areas get clogged, it naturally limits the amount of air that flows through them. 

6. It Smells Bad

In some cases, an AC system will run correctly, but you might smell something strange coming from it. If you smell unusual odors, you might want to have an AC technician check the system. 

Strange odors can result from several things. One of the common causes for this is a clogged drain line. If water gets clogged in the drain line, it can start smelling bad. 

The problem could also be from trapped mildew or mold in your air ducts. When moisture gets trapped inside things, it can lead to foul odors.

7. You Hear Sounds Coming From the System

Finally, you’ll know that your system needs services if you hear unusual sounds coming from it. You might hear bangs, thuds, or other weird sounds.

If you hear any sounds that the system normally doesn’t make, it can indicate a problem. You shouldn’t ignore these sounds, as they tend to be warning signs of problems. 

An example of a sound you might hear is squeaking. If you hear squeaking sounds, they might be coming from the blower fan. If the fan squeaks, it might need to be replaced or greased. 

If you’re not sure if the sound indicates a problem, contact an HVAC company to ask. They can tell you more information or schedule a visit to your home to determine the cause. 

Get AC Repair When You See Any of These Signs

If you hesitate to get the AC repair you need, you might not have any cold air cooling your home. Instead of waiting for the system to stop working completely, call an AC repair company for services.

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