Best Mercedes Car Models of All Time

Best Mercedes Car Models of All Time

Did you know that Mercedes Benz cars sold between 2.4 and 2.5 million vehicles in the year 2020?

These immense figures show just how popular and powerful the vehicle brand has become over the years. 

There’s more than one reason Mercedes is at the top of the car chain! Keep reading below to discover some of the best Mercedes car models to ever be built.


Mercedes 300SL Gullwing

We start off our list with probably the most famous and most expensive Mercedes car model to ever exist. Capable of reaching a top speed of 163 mph, at the time it was the fastest production car on the road. 

SL which stands for super light featured a 3-liter straight six-cylinder engine with mechanical direct fuel injection which boosted its power up by 50 percent which was almost unheard of at the time.

There aren’t many Gullwings around with only 1400 rolling off the production line in Stuttgart, which makes the Gullwing highly sought after by car collectors. The iconic Gullwing door design ushered in a new era of car designing and changed the automotive world for good. 

Mercedes Benz 540K Special

Only 32 540K specials were ever built by Mercedes Benz in 1936 making this vehicle almost impossible to see on the road nowadays. The engine placed on the front end of this vehicle consisted of a Supercharged straight eight-cylinder that was capable of producing 180hp when the supercharger was engaged.

If you are lucky enough to find one of these Mercedes models, the average price of 2 million dollars is likely to put you off, but if you can afford one, getting your hands on this automotive masterpiece will be well worth it.

Mercedes Benz C111 Concept

Most people haven’t even heard of a C111 before but what makes these concept cars unique is that they paved the way for engines and technology we find in today’s Mercedes car models. 

The C111’s were experimental concept cars produced by Mercedes in the 60s and 70s that Mercedes used to test various engine technologies like Wankel rotaries, diesel engines, and turbocharged engines. Only 16 shells were produced at the time with some varieties now costing more than 10 million dollars to buy.

Mercedes Benz 190E Cosworth

The 190E is a 90s sports sedan with a race-tuned engine, designed by none other than Cosworth racing. The 190E was equipped with a 2.3 liter 16 valve inline four-cylinder engine that is basically expected these days but all those years ago was proper F1 grade technology.

At the time Mercedes Benz Models were tested, the 190E to proved its reliability and it did 50 000kms in 200 hours around the Nardo speed ring, blowing past three service intervals, and not breaking down a single time, now that’s some achievement.

A Mercedes Car Model Is The Best Choice For You

Taking the history, performance, and success of Mercedes Benz, buying a new car from Mercedes is the best choice you can possibly make. From luxury to just being robust and macho, Mercedes has it all. 

No matter what the model of Mercedes is, the care of your car should be taken seriously. Having the right equipment can help any Mercedes owner stay on top of his maintenance care, check it out!

The Magic Of Mercedes Car Models 

There is no wonder that Mercedes leaves a vision of luxury, elegance, and high-class sophistication when viewed. 

There’s a reason that we’ve seen Clint Eastwood drive one of the Mercedes car models, not to mention the likes of Richard Gere and Nicholas Cage grace the silver screen with these beautiful cars. 

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