The Common Types of Boats: A Basic Guide

The Common Types of Boats: A Basic Guide

There are few things better than heading out onto the open water on a sunny day behind the wheel of your boat. The freedom, the fun, the independence. 

But before you take the leap and buy your own vessel, you should know what boat options are available. 

Check out our guide to the common types of boats and choose the best one for your needs. 


Cruising Boats

These kinds of boats are for those looking to hang out on the water, spending time relaxing or entertaining. You can choose a model that’s suitable for day cruises or larger boats with cabins for multi-day trips.

Here are the most common types of cruising boats.

Pontoon Boat

These are extremely popular boats suitable for inland waters and small bodies of water. They function by floating on tubes and range 15 to 30 feet in size. They’re comfortable and spacious and perfect for leisure boating.

Bowrider Boat

Ideal day V-hull cruising boats with various seating areas in the cockpit, bow, and helm. It’s a great leisure boat due to its swim platform. The size of these boats range from 16 to 30 feet.


Propelled by the wind there is a huge variety of different kinds of sailboats. Some are as small as 7 feet while others reach up to 70 feet.

Trawler Boats

Light on fuel due to the displacement hull and fuel-efficient engines, these are ideal for long trips. These boats are usually kitted out with modern amenities making for a comfortable trip on the water.

Cabin Cruiser Boats

Picture a home on the water and you’ve hit the nail on the head with these boats. Featuring a galley, berth, and modern facilities, they’re good for long trips.

Fishing Boats

Are you thinking of buying a boat so that there’s no limit to where and when you can cast a line? All you need to worry about is choosing the right propeller for your new boat and heading out for a day of fishing. Check out these common fishing boats.

Bass Boats

These V-hull boats are perfect for shallow waters and range between 16 to 26 feet in size. Usually, there is space for up to three people.

Center Console Boats

These boats are suitable for both freshwater and saltwater and farewell on rough waters. The steering console is centrally located on the single deck.

Sports Fishing Boats

These are big boats between 38 to 100 feet. They’re designed for long trips and huge catches.

Watersport Boats

Is owning a boat a dream for you so that you spend your days wakeboarding and water skiing? If so, these boats are the perfect choice for you.

Fish and Ski Boats

A dual-purpose boat that the entire family will love. There’s a sun pad area that can be used for hanging out or as a fishing platform.

Paddle Boards

Paddleboards are like oversized surfboards. They can be great fun in both lakes and the ocean. However there is a bit of a learning curve. Check out this article, to see if they are a good fit for you and your family.

Ski Boats

Specially designed boats with powerful engines capable of towing water skiers.

Wakeboard Boats

The idea behind these boats is that it creates larger wakes for a wakeboarder to do aerial tricks. This is created by the engine which is placed backward in the bow.

Personal Watercraft (PWC)

These boats can move with speed through the water and are ideal for any and all watersports. They are small but functional and are cheaper than a typical boat.

Types of Boats: Which Is Your Favorite? 

Have you found the right boat for you in our guide to the common types of boats? Remember, the list goes on so don’t forget to do your research before buying one. 

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