Florida Man February 9- Only in Florida

Florida Man February 9- Only in Florida

What do we have here for Florida Man February 9? Is Florida man finally acting normal this time around? Unfortunately not. Read the full stories here:


Florida Man February 9, 2016 – Drive by Gatoring

In October 2015 an unknown Florida man threw a live alligator into a drive-thru window. This “prank” could’ve easily harmed somebody or the animal.

It was not until 2016, that Police caught up with the suspect, Joshua James (23), for what he did. He appeared in court and faced multiple charges, especially those related to the alligator incident. It happened at Wendy’s drive-thru counter.

Although the incident happened years ago, there weren’t any reports or information published on the internet. One piece of information published was the event itself. However, not all the details about what the charges were given to the suspect and how long he had to be in jail for his wrongdoings. 

There was little info about what happened on the day of the incident. Joshua James was pulling up for the order that he made through the voice box. After being handed a drink, instead of going on his way, Joshua turned and reached the back of his car and just tossed an alligator through the window of the drive-thru. The staff then captured the image of the gator and shared it on the internet later.

Florida Man February 9, 2020 – Tinder Trouble

A Florida man reported to the police that a man he robbed shot him in the back. This story will tell us how Florida man processes the world around him. Although his way of reasoning is questionable, this story is still quite entertaining.

The Florida man in this story is Victor Morel. He called 911 and said a man shot him. Not only once, but twice. Later on, he elaborated by telling the corresponding offer that it might be because he had stabbed and robbed the man of a briefcase full of meth. 

Morel then told the police the whole story. First, he tried this dating app that was around called Grindr. It’s a popular dating app for the LGBTQ community. Before actually meeting his match in person, he found out that the person he was going to meet was a meth dealer.

He then arranged the meeting with the intent of robbing the man. They both met in an apartment and quickly sparked a fierce argument. The argument didn’t end quite happily since Morel punched him in the head. 

Morel grabbed the case filled with meth and ran away. Knowing that the case had been stolen, the victim tried to defend it as hard as possible by chasing Morel while holding a knife. Morel looked behind and hit the man again, but this time with the briefcase, knocking the knife out of the man’s hand. However, a gun fell out of his pocket due to the briefcase attack.

Next was a slightly confusing moment, where the two kept standing still. Morel then grabbed the knife and stabbed the man with it. He got into his car and ran away. As he escaped from the scene, the victim shot with the dropped gun, hitting the car’s windows.

After being confronted, the victim understandably created his version of the story. He told the police that it was a mere random robbery and assault that could have happened anytime on the street. Police arrested Morel not long after.

Final Thoughts

A Florida man can be wise when choosing his weapon, although he doesn’t have that much clarity when using it. If you love these stories, share them with your friends and family. We have another story coming up, so stay tuned!

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