Florida Man June 26-Death by Flamingo

Florida Man June 26-Death by Flamingo

Florida man June 26 brings us two short but sweet tales of our favorite anti-hero.

Florida Man is the state superhero that no one asked for or wanted. When it comes to Florida, many news articles you can find are somehow related to this legend.

Are you interested in what Florida Man has done on this day? Take a look at June 26th in Florida Man history.

Florida Man June 26


Florida Man June 26: Flamingo Killer Killed By Truck.

In a stroke of karmic revenge, a truck struck and killed a Florida man crossing the road.

What makes this man a Florida Man and this karmic? Well said, Florida Man killed a beloved Florida Mascot, Pinky the Flamingo, at Busch Gardens.

It all started back in August 2016, when our Florida man, Joseph Corrao, 48, decided to pick up a 15-year-old Chilean flamingo at Busch Gardens, Tampa.

Witnesses stated that Corrao threw Pinky the flamingo to the ground. He threw the bird so violently that she was instantly severely injured. Her leg was injured to the point of almost being severed.

The Florida man told investigators that he had no intention of hurting Pinky. He stated he was showing off for his daughter.

Veterinarians later had to euthanize the beloved dancing bird.

The case of pinkys death sparked national outrage. The incident motivated many people to start and sign online petitions calling for “justice for pinky” and stricter punishments for animal abusers.

The man had previous animal cruelty charges from an incident that ended in him shooting two of his neighbor’s dogs.

Florida Man was just two months shy of his trial date.

Florida Man June 26: Florida Dad

A kind man in Florida found a lost girl and helped the girl to reunite with her father.

Most parents would be happy that someone took the time to stop and help their kid.

However, this story is about Florida Man. Our guy decided that the excellent samaritan needed to pay for his good deed. So he decided to beat the man up. 


On June 26th, you have only seen a sampling of what Florida Man offers.

If you want to read more of Florida Man’s crazy stories, check out another day in history. We have plenty more to check out.

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