How Old is Funnymike? Find The Answer Here!

How Old is Funnymike? Find The Answer Here!

People often ask about how old is Funnymike. Or how much is Funnymike net worth? We have the answers to these questions, but let us introduce you to Funnymike first.


Funnymike Bio

His subscribers know him as Funnymike or Funny Mike. He is a wealthy American Youtuber who’s also a rapper and comedian.

People also call him by other names, 22 Savage or Young 22. As expected, you may find fun challenges, pranks, and comedy content on his YouTube channel. 

So, how old is Funny Mike? Born on 8 October 1996, he’s now living as a 25 years old man. He was born under his real name, MacArthur Johnson.

Born in early October, he is a Libra. Little information is known about his family. Although famous, he prefers to keep his and his family’s personal life out of the spotlight. We know he has a brother he likes to call Wings.

However, education seemed to be something that Mike wasn’t fond of. In grade 7, he was expelled from the DeKalb County School. However, later in his life, he went to Tara High School and got a diploma.

Aside from his content, people also respect how he made himself a healthy muscular man with his workout routine. He’s 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 70 kgs weight. 

His popularity is not contained to just YouTube. He’s also active on several other social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

You may easily find him @funnymike, with millions of followers on Instagram. Back in 2014, he entered Twitter and now has 216.4k followers.

On Facebook, he’s known under the username @1funnymike, which already has over 1.8 million likes. His YouTube channel is the primary source of his income.

Almost every day, he created content for his 5.55 million subscribers. However, he also has his second account, FunnyMike Gaming and The Mj Family, which successfully gained millions of subscribers.

Entering YouTube

Many people do wonder about his YouTube career starting point. His first step is interesting.

Mike started his YouTube career back in 2016. In the very beginning, he posted comedic content that successfully attracted his early subscribers.

He did some bits and made an impression on many celebrities. He also created skits and also delivered his comedy in the form of memes. 

Thanks to his effort, the channel gained 5.5 million subscribers. While focusing on Instagram, he also often posted his content on Instagram, which earned him millions of followers.

As we mentioned, he has a second channel called MJ family, which mainly focuses on the life of Funny Mike and his family.

The channel posted content about Mike, his partner Juliyah, and their kid. Although the channel does have a very different type of content, it still successfully attracts millions of subscribers. Plus, he also has a gaming channel with almost a million subscribers.

Add them all together, and the number will show more than 10 million subscribers.

Funnymike’s Personal Life

As we know, he lives with his partner and lovely kid. But how did it all start?

His life changed when he met Jaliyah Monet. She was an attractive social media personality. They work together, posting other comical videos and vines under his MJ family channel. And yes, the MJ stands for MacArthur Johnson, his real name.

There’s no additional information about the marriage status. Funny Mike and Jaliyah are engaged and blessed with their lovely girl, Londyn, in 2019.


Celebrities like Funny Mike do have some history with controversies. In the case of Funny Mike, however, it’s tragic. The event happened back in 2016 when Funny Mike was accused of murder. 

In May 2016, Mike and his friends were going out of the store to go to his car. On the way, he saw a man, Richard Pillips, and a fierce argument between them happened. Unable to diffuse the situation, Philips was shot with a gun by Mike. 

In a police statement, he admitted that he shot the man for self-protection. But, he was later charged with second-degree murder and had to pay $370k. Fortunately, this was the only event that became a controversy.

Until that event, Mike was a celebrity without scandal and had been a responsible man for his family.

Funnymike Net Worth

Aside from knowing how old is Funny Mike, many people also wonder how much is Funnymike net worth. We estimated his net worth is around $ 3 Million in 2022. Since he has a diverse path of careers (YouTuber, rapper, comedian, and prankster), no wonder he has millions in his possession. 

The talented man is highly successful. Thanks to his popularity, he has millions of subscribers and followers on all his social media platforms.

His videos, on average, have more than a million views, continuously adding to Funnymikes net worth. He keeps growing as if it never stops.

How Old is Funnymike? Find The Answer Here!

Not to mention his rapping career, which already made him more popular with hits like “Mama Whooped My Ass,” “Small WeeWee,” or “Jumpin.” Thanks to his comedic side, they were both entertaining in the lyrics and the titles.

Since Funny Mike is a lover of luxury cars, he also invests his money in buying vehicles with very high prices. For example, in 2018, he purchased a Mercedes CLA 250, estimated at around $ 35,000. Later, he bought other cars, like a $ 36,000 Mercedes Benz A-Class Hatchback, a $ 400,000 Lamborghini Aventador, which he obtained in 2017, and an $ 85,000 AMG C class 63 AMG S Coupe, and a $ 35,000 Mustang GT.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Funny Mike

Now, if you have some things to ask, we hope that the answers can satisfy your curiosity.

How Old is Funny Mike?

Funnymike was born on 8 October 1996 and is about 25 years old.

How Much Is HIs Revenue In A Year?

Thanks to his career as a YouTuber, rapper, and comedian, he can make over $ 480,000 annually.

What Is Funnymikes Net Worth?

Funnymikes net worth is an estimated 3 million dollars.

How Tall is Funnymike?


Where Is Funnymike from?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Does Funny Mike Have Children

Yes, a young daughter named Londyn.


I hope we not only have answered your question of how old is funnymike but many others as well. Keep an eye out for this young man as he has a bright future ahead of him as long as he stays out of trouble.

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