Florida Man March 4, 2023- Tupac is Alive

Florida Man March 4, 2023- Tupac is Alive

Florida Man March 4 – I hope your day is going great! And to add some fun, I’m sharing some wild Florida man stories to read. Let’s find out what he is up to on March 4.


Florida Man March 4, 2017 – Left the Biggest Clue

Gary Wilson, 45 years old from Leesburg, broke into an office building in Palm Beach to steal some documents. 

Wilson hid his face from all the cameras getting into the building. He accidentally photocopied his face when he passed thru a photocopying machine. And left with 50 copies of it.

Reports have it that no important documents were missing in the office. 

The security ran after Wilson, but he got out quickly. Luckily, the police were quick to respond.

The city police caught him after an hour. He was in the next block, buying ice cream. 

Charges were filed, and then he paid his bail within the next 6 hours.

Florida Man March 4

Florida Man March 4, 2019 – Intruder Left His Victims & Targets Journal

March 4, 2019, Los Angeles – someone reported that an intruder was trying to steal a giant television set in a large mansion.

He left a piece of incriminating evidence behind. Police found a journal in the room full of names of victims and targets, including the date and a lot of information about robbery plans in town.

They identified the intruder as Edward Schulze from Pensacola, a security guard in an establishment in Fort Walton Beach.

They also found a letter from his daughter in his journal with her full name and address. The insurance bill in the journal confirmed the journal owner’s identity.

The journal includes his full name and the address, the same as in his daughter’s letter.

Schulze planned the intrusion by himself.

The investigation is still ongoing. Four unsolved robbery cases in Florida matched some information written in the journal. If proven guilty, he will be facing multiple counts of robbery.

Florida Man Believes Tupac Shakur is Still Alive

Tupac Shakur is an iconic rapper from East Harlem, New York. Tupac has shot dead 22 years ago, but his legacy continues.

In a 2018 documentary, there is still no arrest made for his death, and it is still unsolved.

Some people haven’t moved on from this incident, and there were rumors before that Tupac wasn’t dead but just hiding in New Mexico.

And this started as a disagreement between 2 men drinking on the night of March 4, 2020, in a pub in Kissimmee. The men had who just met there started discussing the said artist.

They were identified as Oliver Adams, 29, and Florida Man Nelson Roberts, 24. Roberts strongly believes that Tupac isn’t dead yet, which heated up the argument between the two. The argument then came to blows.

Some people tried to stop the fight, but they were already brawling. It took the whole security force to stop them.

Roberts hit Adams repeatedly while yelling that Tupac is still alive. He left him with a cut on the nose and a broken rib.

The fight left him hospitalized.

Florida man is now facing charges of physical injuries.


Not every day do you hear someone say that Tupac is still alive and just hiding in New Mexico. I hope you had fun reading through these Florida Man stories today. More to come in our Funny News section soon!

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