Florida Man June 5 – Flamingo Fighter

Florida Man June 5 – Flamingo Fighter

If you have ever thought of going to Florida, these Florida man June 5 stories may give you second thoughts. Florida isn’t just about good weather and good times. Besides animals in the State, you also have to worry about Florida Man himself. Florida Man has graced the world with some of the best stories. Here are some Florida Man stories from June 5.


Florida Man June 5-Ketchup Assault

When we read about assault and battery, it doesn’t usually involve ketchup.

Florida Man thought that his girlfriend was having affair, so he did the logical thing and planned his revenge for when she was asleep. After she had fallen asleep, he decided to empty ketchup onto his girlfriend.

In the police report, officers described his girlfriend as covered in ketchup.

Florida Man June 5 – Drive by Cupping

On June 5, a Florida Man got mad at another driver on the road and decided it would be a great idea to throw a cup at a woman in the other car.

The cars continued, and when the man got a chance, he tried to pull the woman out of her car. This is after the man was driving recklessly and exchanged words and fingers with the other car.

The driver of the car got out in an attempt to stop Florida Man from pulling their friend out of the car when he decided to drag her by her shirt.

The other people in the car hit the Florida man until he retreated in his van. The police caught up with him, and he is now facing charges.

One of those charges that he is facing is throwing a deadly missile.

Florida Man June 5

Florida Man June 5- Beaned

Police are often under scrutiny on how they take down people. Sometimes that scrutiny is earned. Other times it is not. It is hard to argue that this takedown will be one of the most interesting.

When a man with a hammer was in a grocery store and causing chaos, a deputy quickly sized up the situation.

Instead of shooting the Florida Man, the deputy grabbed a can of baked beans and threw it at Florida Man. After that, he took another can of beans and threw it at him.

The baked beans took down the subject, and no serious injuries were reported.

Proud Florida Man

This is a quick and straightforward Florida Man story. A Florida man decided that he wanted everyone to remember what country they were in. To do so, he decided to paint his home with a giant American Flag.

Flamingo Karma

One particularly cruel Florida Man decided it would be a great idea to take a flamingo at Busch Gardens out of her pen and slam her on the ground. He attempted to show off the flamingo to his daughters, but instead, he hurt the poor bird. The bird had to be euthanized.

Florida Man spent some time in jail and faced charges of animal cruelty. In a rare bit of karma, Florida Man was crossing a busy street in Florida when he was struck by a vehicle. He died from the accident.

Maybe he will see Pinky the flamingo in the afterlife, whichever version of it you believe in.

Final Thoughts

On this day in history, June 5, Florida Man has undoubtedly left his mark. That isn’t too uncommon, though. Florida Man has touched every day in history.

Look at some of the other days in history we have covered so far. If you want to see what Florida man was up to on your birthday, leave the date in the comments below.

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