Florida Man May 5 – Sunshine State Pride

Florida Man May 5 – Sunshine State Pride

Florida man May 5 has gone national. Whether in his own state or another, he always represents Florida well in the news for some crazy stunts. 

Today we have two stories that happened at different times and for various reasons, but the same ending for these Florida men, jail.


Florida Man May 5, 2020 – Arrested, Accused of a 1984 Rape and Murder

After 36 years, Police arrested a Florida man for a gruesome crime in 1984. A man was killed, and a girl was raped in a Lennox-area motel almost 40 years ago.

Police arrested 66-year-old Manuel Fraga-Madan from Hialeah after his DNA matched a suspect in the murder case.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, the murder of Johnny Williams was on July 12, 1984.

Police reports state that two men came to a motel room where Williams was staying. 

When they arrived at the motel, a 23-year-old woman was allegedly raped. The man also pointed a gun at a 1-year-old child while waiting for Williams to return.

When Williams came to the motel room, the two suspects demanded some drugs and money. When he wasn’t able to give any, he was shot dead.

Investigators confirmed Fraga-Mada’s identity after decades.

The list of charges that he will be facing is a count of murder with allegations of robbery, rape, burglary, lying in wait, and torture. 

He is also eligible to face the death penalty, and prosecutors will decide whether to seek capital punishment for Fraga-Mada.

Florida Man May 5, 2021 – NSP Stopped a Van for Traffic Violation, Nabbed 400 Pounds of Marijuana

On May 5, Nebraska Patrol Troopers nabbed A Florida man in Nebraska State with 400 pounds of marijuana in his car.

The driver of a Mercedes Sprinter Van was 36-year-old Gilbert Fernandez. 

Troopers stopped the man when he didn’t signal a turn while exiting I-80 at mile marker 324 last May 5 at around 10:00 in the morning.

Florida Man May 5

During the traffic stop, an NSP K9 caught the smell from the car that alerted the officials to check. 

Next, they found a duffle bag with $9,000 in the front seat and a giant safe full of marijuana inside. The marijuana weighed 426 pounds!

Grand Island Fire Department was of immense help to the NSP when opening the safe for investigation.

Fernandez, from Cooper City, Florida, was delivering the marijuana when police arrested him during the traffic stop. 

Police charged him with possessing more than one pound of marijuana and possession of money during a drug violation.

Final Thoughts

You can never get away with some mistakes. No matter how long it takes, you will pay for what you have done. 

The second was a little mistake that led to a bigger one, which led him to prison. 

Well, that’s just a day in the life of a Florida man, where weird things are a part of everyday life.

If you would like to stay up to date on the Florida man trainwreck, make sure to check out my other post. Also, If you want to know what Florida man was doing on your big day, please leave the date in the comments below.

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