Florida Man June 8 – The Diaper Bandit

Florida Man June 8 – The Diaper Bandit

No matter what day you look at in history, you would be hard-pressed not to find something ridiculous that Florida Man has done, And these Florida man June 8 stories prove it. Today we will look at some things that Florida Man did on June 8. If it’s your birthday, we apologize for this crazy stuff ahead of time.


Florida Man June 8 – The Diaper Bandit

When you think of a shoplifting bandit, you usually think of someone stealing something valuable. Nope. This bandit stole diapers. Police arrested the Florida man on June 8, 2019, after stealing diapers. This time he stole from multiple stores, but he has also been arrested for stealing from charities. In 2017 he stole 100,000 diapers from a charity. We are left wondering how he got that many out of the charity.

The 2019 arrest was his 20th arrest. We wonder if they threw him a party for his many arrests.

Florida Man June 8 – The Ride To Hooters

Many men like hooters. Florida Man is one of those men. This Florida Man decided that he wanted to go to hooters on June 8. Instead of getting in a car or hopping on a bus, he called 9-1-1 to get a ride to hooters. He tried to tell the police that his grandmother had a stroke in the parking lot.

Surprisingly, she had not had a stroke in the parking lot.

Instead of riding to hooters, deputies took him on a free ride to jail. That was after they spent three hours looking for Florida Man’s grandmother. Police found the woman in another location, and had not had a stroke.

 Florida Man June 8

Florida Man June 8th – TV Remote Fight

Florida Man does many weird things, and fighting over the remote is one of them. Two men were in an apartment when they got in a fight over the remote. Instead of solving the fight with rock, paper, scissors, or more logical methods, one man pulled his sword and stabbed the other.

The stabbing victim faced no fatal wounds, but the man with the sword told police that he was trying to gut the other man. He just missed.


On June 8th Florida Man has done some weird things. If you want to see what he has done on other days in history, check out some of our other posts.

If you want to see how Florida man spent your big day, leave the date in the comments below.

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