Florida Man June 17

Florida Man June 17

These Florida man June 17 stories show us that no matter what day of the year you look at, you can find crazy stories of what Florida Man has been up to.

That is because Florida Man never sleeps, he is always finding himself some trouble or doing some crazy thing. Today we are going to look at what things Florida man has been found doing on June 17th.

Florida Man June 17 – Pulls a Gun at Drive-Thru

A Florida man didn’t get what he was expecting when he pulled thru a drive-thru. The person at the drive-thru forgot to provide Florida Man with cream cheese.

Florida man figured it would be a good idea to pull his gun.

The poor person working the drive-thru must have been scared. However there was also one thing that Florida man didn’t know.

The person working the drive-thru was the daughter of the city’s police chief. It didn’t take long for the police to locate the man and arrest him. 

The officers charged him with assault with a weapon.

Florida Man June 17 – Stripping Florida Man

Florida Man wasn’t getting what he wanted at a fast-food restaurant, they wouldn’t give him free food.

So instead of paying for his food, he tore up his clothes to the point he was exposing his genitals to everyone.

Onlookers stated that the man was doing his best to impregnate a handrailing

. From what we have learned of Florida man the offspring may have resulted in an improvement in the local gene pool.

When police arrived, their report stated that his clothes were so torn up that any movement he made exposed him.

The officers arrested the man and charged him with a misdemeanor count of trespassing. The police stated that he was a fairly regular guest at the local county jail.

Final Thoughts

June 17th is just one day in the great history of Florida Man.

Make sure to take a moment to see some of the other days in history that we have covered. You won’t be disappointed by the Florida Man stories you find.

If you would like to know what Florida man was doing on your birthday please leave the date in the comments below.

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